Need tall boots for tiny feet.

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    I wear a size 5-5 1/2 women’s in the Ariat paddock boots I’m currently using. I need new tall boots but other than customs, nothing really comes in that small of a size. I don’t have really thin or really large calves and I don’t have really long legs. I’m also not willing to spend tons of money. Does anyone know of any decently priced tall boots that come in small sizes? I’m willing to wear kids as long as the calf fits.

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    Is it that they don’t come in your size or that most dealers don’t carry them? If Ariat makes paddock boots that fit you, perhaps a call to them might be productive. If nothing else, you could provide the necessary measurements and they could check which of their boots would (or might) work for you.

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    I wear a 5 1/2 and my teenage daughter has a 5. Both have narrow feet and tall think legs. In the less expensive arena like you, I can make the Ariat tall slims work. They are however too short to really show in and don’t come thin enough from my daughter. The only brand we have found, outside of customs that works is the Parlanti. Their non-custom boots come in a huge range of feet, height, and calf options. Only issue is price. I think we still paid over $1,000 for stock boots.

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    Hello kate_hughes!!!

    So I definitely don’t share your small feet: I’m women’s 11 and under 15 years old… But one recommendation is that you could maybe try kids’ size tall boots. They are usually cheaper, but you would have to figure out your kids size. But depending on the size of your calves, they could be too small. Not sure, but just had this thought!! Good luck and I hope you find some boots!

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    Hi Kate, I also have small feet and not long legs. I looked for over a year for tall boots. Finally, I put on a pair of Sergio Grasso field boots, and they fit like they were custom! I have had them for more than 3 years, and someone the other day commented about them needing to be broken in. When I told them they were almost 4 yrs old, she was floored. They truly look that good.

    At 50 years old, I usually wear a size 3 in kids shoes. In paddock boots, I can get away with a 4-5 if they tie. Inside the boot it is stamped: 86 3500 37 0

    The zipper is in the back, and I have never had an issue with it.

    Good luck.

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