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Nervous Arabian – Calming Supplement

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    My horse is a sixteen year old Arabian who still acts like a baby. On a relaxed day, my horse preforms amazingly, but more often than not, he is tense, looky, and jumpy, at home and in the show ring. He’s always on the look out for something to eat him which results in him being tense and jumping at the subtlest movements. Some things he couldn’t care less about and other things he literally acts like he is in immediate threat. While I would like to put more time in the saddle and work him into being calmer, I’m a full time student/employed, so I’ve looked to supplements for some assistance. I’m currently between four – SmartCalm, SmartCalm Ultra, Smart Tranquility, and Quiessence, and I have considered Perfect Prep for show mornings (he is a wreck on the trailer, comes off dripping sweat after twenty minutes on a dewey, chilly morning).

    Any guidance or input for supplements would be appreciated! Thanks in advance.

    Joan Fry
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    I sympathize! I have an “elderly” Morgan mare who behaves exactly the same way. It’s easier for me, though, since I trail ride. I’m not showing her. Before considering a calming supplement, maybe you ought to talk to your trainer about the problem, and find out what your horse is currently eating. You probably don’t want any kind of sweet feed, and you might want to re-think alfalfa. Some horses can tolerate it well, others go berserk because they have so much energy they don’t know what to do with themselves. Because I board at a very small facility, I have no say in what my mare eats. What’s easiest for me is to longe her, or free-longe her, until the edge is gone. I’ve used Quietex in the past and she stumbled over her own feet. Not good. You might also ask about whether calming supplements are allowed at the shows you go to. Keep us posted!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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