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  • horsetucker Original Poster horsetucker
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    Should i put shoes on my mare and gelding for the winter?we have gravel in the frount of the barn nto keep it from getting muddy like it used to.I just don’t know what to do,I’ve asked some people but they either don’t know or they say different things.:(
    please help the fariar(don’t know how to spell it) it comin this saturday!!!

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    cece_g cece_g
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    I dont think shoes are ever a good decision (other than therapy shoes). If you’re worried about your horses slipping, you could ride and turn them out with trail boots on their front hooves
    (like these: http://www.smartpakequine.com/easyboot-epic-4845p)

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    I totally agree with cece_g, but I’m wondering what your specific concern is? Are you worried about them slipping, or getting sore, or ???

    I’m more than happy to answer your question, but I’m not sure what you’re asking! ๐Ÿ™‚

    horsetucker Original Poster horsetucker
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    I’m asking should I put shoes back on my gelding with stone in front of my barn where the horses can get in andout of there selves.

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    Cowgirl4Christ Cowgirl4Christ
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    Each and every horse has directly descended from the wild horses. Do wild horses have shoes? No. Do you ever hear of people finding wild horses with cracks, founder, etc.? No. Although we humans have make things difficult for our horses (blacktop, etc.), they still have the tough hooves of their ancestors. I believed shoes was a good idea, until I read “The Soul of a Horse” by Joe Camp. WOW. He laid out everything in such simplicity. I learned a lot. I can’t explain it as well as he can. You should def read his book. He says that every time the horse lifts its foot, its fetlock (the joint just about the hoof) flexes and blood rushed throughout the horses hoof. But with shoes on, no blood can circulate. And that’s not good for the horse. I took my shoes off my pony and she is fine. Some people might say “Oh the horse will go lame.” Yes, it will, if you don’t give the hooves time to harden after having the shoes taken off. Other people say “Oh, the horses will slip.” Well, we ride on the road a lot, and my horse has only slipped a couple times, and that was because of me turning too sharp.
    Horses have won shows, jumping/dressage/cross country, whatever, w/o wearing shoes. I would encourage you to go barefoot.
    Best of luck!!

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    horsetucker Original Poster horsetucker
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    thanks and what kind of horse do you have my friend and i love jumping,dreesage ,and cross country.thanks foreverything!plase txt back so i know what horse you have my freind is looking for a great breed for an english horse.

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    As long as the gravel is not really sharp and you horses have a “barefoot trim” (instead of a regular trim minus the shoes) it is actually good for their feet. So leave the shoes off!

    Cowgirl4Christ – “Horse Owners Guide to Natural Hoof Care” by Jaime Jackson is another great book! I would highly recommend every horse owner read it!

    Liz Liz
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    I would say to ask your farrier….unless they’re the type to throw shoes on just to make an extra buck….then I would suggest a new farrier! lol

    That being said, I have my mini barefoot and I drive him in the pasture, in sand arenas, and an asphalt and he’s fine. He doesn’t have any issues in winter, and even though his paddock is pretty rocky he’s never had any issues. ๐Ÿ™‚

    NinaJD NinaJD
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    If you keep them barefoot normally, why would you put shoes on in the winter?
    Just because there’s gravel doesn’t’ mean you should put shoes on.
    Just watch them and if they are ouchy around the gravel, then I would consider it. But otherwise my answer would be NO. =)

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    cruisecontrol cruisecontrol
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    Every horse is different. I love barefoot and I do think it has many benefits and can be better for the horse but there are those who simply cannot go without shoes. If your concern is about your horse slipping it may not be necessary because your horse has the same traction barefoot as it would in a winter shoe. The problem is when people shoe their horses and do not winterize them with studs and pads. A normal shoe will cause your horse to slip far more than he would if he were barefoot and this includes during the summer. If you are worried about traction you can shoe them but it must be with winter shoes (one kind of pad and stud…not interchangeable) or for the summer, ones with stud holes so you can change and remove the various styles for different footing (interchangeable).
    Also, ask your FARRIER :).
    -Hope this helps!

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