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    my QH gelding is shedding his winter coat in a strange way – a couple other geldings at the barn are too. His chest lost all hair at first, and now all the new hair coat over all his body is growing in nearly black. He’s a registered sorrel QH Has anyone else experienced something like this?

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    Joe-Joe Joe-Joe
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    Have you had him long? Summer coats seem to tend to grow in darker than winter coats, and then get sunburned so they look lighter. My boy is a blood bay (glitters in the winter), and much darker with a lot more black on his legs in the summer. Unless you see something that looks like a skin/hair problem, I would not worry about it.

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    Hi – Not so much a concern as a curiosity. I wondered if anyone else had noticed this phenomena with their horses. He has a nice rich coat normally, but this near black is really different. I’ve had him 6 years and this is a new one.

    NinaJD NinaJD
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    my dark bay sheds the opposite
    his patches come in almost sorrel and then get back to his normal bay coloring
    as he gets older it seems to get more noticeable.

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    Casey Murphy Casey Murphy
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    My horse had the same issue on her back legs, i wouldn’t worry about it. I put MTG on the areas that there was hair lose and it cleared it up in a few days.

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