Odd sort of lameness

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    My 7 year old mare was lame at the trot the other night when I went to see her. There was no heat, swelling, or bruising so I gave her bute and stall rest. The next day she was fine at the trot but short strides in the canter. She had some heat in her hind hooves (barefoot) so I put DMSO on it and got the farrier out to put hind shoes on (put on 4 days ago). She is walking less cautiously now (it only recently got really cold here so the ground only just froze). When I ride her she is great at the walk and trot but off at the canter. Not lame just off. My barn manager saw us canter and said she was pushing off her hind end nicely but it just felt off to me. She is also more stiff than usual but I was attributing that to the recent drop in temperature. The tack I’m using is the same tack I’ve been using on her for a year. No one has any idea what is going on and money is tight.

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    If the footing is off, so will the horse be. Try giving her a week off, then see how she is. I don’t ride much in the winter because, too often, I feel the footing is not conducive to a good experience.

    It is never the horse's fault

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