Older mare with navicular

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    I am trying to decide which pain relief would be best for an 18yr old QH mare with navicular. She is getting noticably more painful. What does everyone else use for a safe daily pain relief. I prefer something feed through that is palatable, She is a very picky eater and hiding bute is a challenge.

    Joan Fry
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    Bute is of course the old standby. I haven’t heard of anything that replaces it. I had a 23-year-old ASB trail horse with dropped fetlocks, and bute is what I used for her. Have you tried adding applesauce to your bute? And oat bran to that? Good luck!

    reggie8 Original Poster
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    We were using chery jello, but have since switched to stright molasses as it’s the only thing that will mask it enough…I dont like her getting so much extra sugar though shes already too fat wich doesn’t help her situation. I think she survives off air.

    Silverchex Silverchex
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    Pure Critical by curost.com is alot better for an ongoing situation. Bute will tear up the stomach lining and the liver if used regularly. Nrf2 activation has healed many navicular horses through cellular recovery.

    Deb R
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    We’ve been using Equiiox (SP). Little pill that my fussy horse eats with his pellets! Vet says thy can be on it forever. It has been really wonderful!

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