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Own a piece of history! 15" Billy Cook Roper 1966 All Around Cowboy!

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    15″ Billy Cook Roper 1966 All Around Cowboy. Free shipping!

    This saddle saw me through starting my first few colts; if it weren’t for the fact that this saddle no longer fits my mare and I have to sell it to afford the custom saddle she needs, I would happily keep it for the aesthetic value alone, it’s such a beautiful prize saddle. When people would ask me where I got it, I would make the terrible joke that I won it of course, I simply don’t look my age! Since I just turned 29, this clearly isn’t the case :).

    I had this professionally cleaned about a year ago, and it has just been sitting in my kitchen ever since; it will need to be reflocked at some point.

    $600 OBO

    Please let me know what questions I an answer! :)

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