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    Hi Everyone! Whenever I take my mare out of the area (either to a show or trail ride) she refuses to drink unfamiliar tasting or gross water. I keep her at home with access to a mineral salt block, and clean out the water buckets on our property weekly, so the horses always have fresh, clean water. Any suggestions on getting her to drink out of area? I was out on a 3 hour trail ride last summer and halfway done my mare was drenched in sweat. It was super hot out and all we did was walk the trails. Anyways when we reached a water trough at the horse camp( the halfway mark) my mare refused to drink the water! We tried all the water troughs on the campsite and she refused every one! I was super afraid she was gonna colic due to her dehydration. So back to the issue, any suggestions on getting her to drink unfamiliar water?

    I was thinking gatorade powder? Any suggestions appreciated! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    We used to put cinnamon in the water at home and away. Made it taste familiar, and never had an issue. Another, not as easy, solution would be to bring a couple of containers of your own water with you. We do that when we take them to the beach, and use those largish plastic cat litter containers with screw on caps.

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    Thanks for the reply Joe Joe! I will definitely try this. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Apple cider vinegar can also be used. But you will have to add whatever you choose to the water at home as well as away from home, so the water will always taste the same.

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    I’ve never heard of the water additives (cinnamon, vinegar, etc.), but they sound like great ideas to try. In a pinch, though, you can also help to hydrate your horses by soaking their hay. It’s not ideal, but if you’re really concerned, this can help.

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    I had a fussy horse and would put electrolytes in his water at home. It does change the taste of the water so it may take some time for your horse to get used to it. But them when we’d travel to competitions, I’d continue with the electrolytes and the water would taste familiar to him so he’d drink it.
    If you are concerned about colic, I would feed beet pulp soaked in water to increase your horse’s hydration and keep things moving through his gut. http://www.vdbequestrian.com

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    I had a draft mare who, in her former life as a work horse and with a different owner, was only watered in the morning and then in the evening when returning to the barn. She was, unfortunately, conditioned to never drink while in harness and thus under saddle. I tried everything; flavoring water, bringing our own water and I could not get her to drink anything, anytime, anywhere. I was a very stressed out horse mommy in the beginning!It took a few months of travelling many miles to many venues but she finally realized she had to drink SOMETHING.Horses have terrific instincts and they really will drink when they need to if we moms stop fussing over them.My mare figured it out at our overnight shows and she did actually drink when she was in a stall and I wasn’t there peering through the bars. The more difficult situation was always when she was tied to the trailer at a one day event. It’s just very important to help them stay cool in every other way possible until they choose to hydrate themselves. Try flavoring at home and then carry your own water (flavored) with you. I always save gallon milk jugs with screw on lids, wash them in the dishwasher and take a half dozen of them in my trailer or back of my truck in a big coo!er. Good luck and don’t stress!

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    Horse Quencher is also a good thing to keep around. It is flavor packs with oats and such to make the water taste better…plus the horse tries to drink to get at the oats. But as others have said, you have to get the horse used to the flavor at home first.

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    Try cleaning her water bucket or trough at home with Listerine. This will help her to get adjusted to chlorinated water. Then, when she is out and about, she may be more accepting of different tasting water.

    Lynn A
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    My horses love this recipe served cold in summer, warm in winter:
    1 handful oats
    1 tablespoon salt
    2 tablespoons molasses
    3 tablespoons apple juice (optional)
    2 gallons water
    Proportions are flexible. If your horse is IR, make sure molasses is ok, or skip molasses and see if just apple juice will do. Play with recipe at home and see what your horse likes. Mine suck down extra water to get at the oats in the bottom of the bucket.

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    I live in Texas and with our hot summers, I always travel with water. I find the easiest way to carry and offer water is in a large cooler. I can fill it in the bed of the truck and then let the horses drink from there. I have a smaller one I can lift in and out of my trailer’s tack room. My horse has learned that the blue cooler has his water. I started this with a picky drinker and now find it easier than filling buckets. At shows, I’m going to try Lynn A’s recipe. Thanks!

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    I have used apple juice – at home, then away. You can store small cans of apple juice in your trailer. Get a water tank for your trailer so you always have familiar water with you. A friend of mine floats some grain or equine senior in the water. Soaking hay or a soupy mash will help rehydrate too.

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    My boy was not drinking away form home.. my farrier suggested giving him gator-aide. I got him used to the taste by mixing his beet pulp with it at home.. started with small amounts and built up…After a few weeks of this I offered him water mixed with gator-aide…..and he “dived” into the pail, drinking with on problems…. Next I tried it away from home.. Vaboom! he drank the gator-aid and water with no problems!

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    Okay you are going to think I’m nuts but vics vapor rub. Put a tiny bit in his nostril the day before you leave home and a tiny bit each morning and he should have no problem. Learned this from an old timer, also helps when riding a stallion with mares he doesn know. Everything smells/tastes the same its all linked to smell. Works when putting medicated feed in their food also. Try it , its an easy solution and not harmful in any way.

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    I have had this problem.I have learned to put blackstrat molasses in your bucket of clean water.use a good 1/2 cup, mix so molassses is well mixed.This has been a life saver for me. Even when my horse was sick and would not drink,he drank this. PLEASE try this you will not be disappointed.

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