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    I was thinking of getting SmartCombo™ Ultra Pellets for my mare. It says it’s “picky eater approved” but I read the reviews and some people are having trouble getting their horses to eat it. My mare is EXTREMELY picky. So I was wondering if your horse won’t eat it, will Smartpak refund your money, as it’s pretty pricey, and I can’t afford to pay that much just to throw it all away if she doesn’t like it. Thanks!

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    Hi Hazzel, Thanks for your post! If you are concerned about your mare eating the SmartCalm Ultra Pellets we can actually send out a 3 day Taste Test sample for her to try! Feel free to give one of our Product Specialists a call at 1-800-461-8898 to get one set up.  -SmartPaker Jessy

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    My 21 year old gelding is a picky picky eater. He actually wouldn’t eat any smartpak supplements right away unless I put enough water in it to turn all the pellets to mush mixed with some sweet feed. Now he will eat them without a problem and sometimes with no water in them. Any time I add a new supplement or change something I have to make sure I add water and some applesauce for a few days and then I can slowly let him start eating it without any water, although he always has to have his supplements mixed with sweet feed. He will never be a horse to eat them by themselves. He was on SmartCombo Ultra along with a vitamin.

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    Try making the meal tasty by including chopped (really, really chopped) carrots and apples. You could also add molasses.

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    My mare isn’t picky at all and she once accidently got into that grain bucket and gobbled it up (she was fine). But I don’t know if that’s helpful to you because she eats everything.

    Diane D
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    I have 2 mares. One is picky and one would eat anything. The picky one would not eat any of the supplements if they were powder. Didn’t matter if I mixed it with applesauce, molasses..nothing worked. But once I got the pellets, she ate them with no problem. They are pricey, but worth it. I would try the free sample just to be sure, but my guess is she will eat it.

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    My horses get Smarthoof Ultra and Smart Digest Ultra along with a vitamin/mineral supplement. I mix their feed with a little water and mix everything together and they eat it just fine. I haven’t tried without the water though. I would definitley take advantage of the free sample they offer!

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    hi hazzel
    definatly take advantage of the trials from smart pak. even if she is picky horse are like little kids some like chocolate chip and some like snickerdoodles! but that said there are a few things you can do to bribe your mare a bit. teach her to like candycane/peppermint candy even picky eaters will often go for a bucket with anything as long as it has pepermints in it and if you make her dinner first and then feed last the peppermint flavors pretty much everything. the other thing you can try, which i have used on countless show horses since water and feed away from home adds to the fussy factor, is get her to eat a fruit(all natural)juice,it can be tropicle, or apple ….papaya is great since it has great digestive enzymes or even a bit of organic apple cider vinegar. it does not take much at all and she will start to like new culinary trends! good luck think of this as a prejump to the day she has to have medicine in her bucket. good luck!

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    try adding non sweeten beet pulp to your smartpac combo

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    I also have a very picky eater, who enjoys many SmartPak supplements, however, he is not impressed with anything that has SmartPak’s hoof ingredients. SmartPak is very easy to work with and will send you a 3 day sample which gives you a good idea of if your mare will eat it. Also, if your mare does not eat the SmartCombo Ultra, Platinum is also very easy to work with. It only took one wasted bucket of supplements before I started to ask for samples, which many companies will provide directly. Good luck!

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