pigeon fever ?

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    My 18 year old section B Welsh Pony has a large hard mass right in front of her udder. I noticed it about 3 days ago. The vet came out today for another horse. I asked her if she could look at mine and first she said that I won the award for oddest case of the day, and then said it could be an abscess or Pigeon Fever. My pony is acting fine otherwise as far as I can tell. What exactly is Pigeon Fever and what should I look for in my mare? What’s the treatment? Will she die? Right now the vet’s instructions are to put a heat pack on it for 15 min every day to see if it comes to a pimple head. Then we can drain it and take a culture. She said worse case scenario is it could be a tumor but it didn’t sound like she thought it was.

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    Hello, if it is pigeon fever, it is very serious. Pigeon Fever is highly contagious. Typically pigeon fever is caused due to flies and an open wound… Pigeon Fever gets the name because typically it also shows up on the chest of most horses…however, it has been known to show up on the underbelly and this type is more serious, as if it goes internal, it can be fatal. When Pigeon fever runs its natural disgusting course, it will erupt like a huge boil or zit….most vets will lance the affected area, then clean it with betadine solution very thoroughly, then instruct you to keep doing the same daily until it improves. I’ve had two horses that had this nasty crap and wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Given that your vet has instructed you to used heat packs to try to draw it out, I would follow that advice. If you aren’t sure, get a second opinion. I hope all goes well with you and your pony.

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