pigeon fever ?

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    My 18 year old section B Welsh Pony has a large hard mass right in front of her udder. I noticed it about 3 days ago. The vet came out today for another horse. I asked her if she could look at mine and first she said that I won the award for oddest case of the day, and then said it could be an abscess or Pigeon Fever. My pony is acting fine otherwise as far as I can tell. What exactly is Pigeon Fever and what should I look for in my mare? What’s the treatment? Will she die? Right now the vet’s instructions are to put a heat pack on it for 15 min every day to see if it comes to a pimple head. Then we can drain it and take a culture. She said worse case scenario is it could be a tumor but it didn’t sound like she thought it was.

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