PLEASE Help me Buy a new Saddle!

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    So, i found out that the reason my horse was bucking at the canter was because my saddle was hurting. i am now trying to sell said saddle, alon with raising some more money to get a properly fitted saddle.. So, I have cleaned out the tack room, and i am taking it all to a tack sale/swap next weekend. i thought i would post it all on here in case someone wanted something too. I am open to offers on EVERYTHING, but please, no low-ball offers. I have done my best to price everything fairly, and if you think something is over/under priced, you can let me know through a PM. In order to make everything easier, i have put everything in pics and numbered them. If you are interested, you can PM me, or email me a to get more info. Prices do not include shipping, and i am totally okay with making deals on stuff if you want multiple things. Most of this i haven’t used in a while, so it might a little dirty, but everything is in PERFECT working condition. I can also oil before isend it to you if you want.

    1&2: Nylon halters, horse size, $8/piece, obo

    3) Rope Halter, Horse size size, $5

    4) 52 inch Rope English Girth, asking $15, willing to negotiate

    5) 48 inch Leather girth with elastic on one end. Needs an oiling, will happily do it for you. elastic is good and sound. Unfortunately, my ponies are WAY to fat for this girth. Asking $30

    6) English AP pad. Pretty dirty, i don’t mind tossing it in the wash. I have too many saddle pads and dad said i have to start downsizing Asking $15

    7)English Schooling Bridle. not the best leather, but it gets the job done. I ribbon-ed the brow band and cavesson,, but i can easily replace it with colors of your choice, or remove it all together. Asking$15 obo

    8)English Schooling Reins. I think they are Silver fox, but i am not sure. They are a little cracked, and some of the lacing is broken. Can’t remember what i paid for them, so i am just going to ask for $7

    9-12) western rope girths. Two are 28 inches, and the other two are 30 inches. I am asking $10/piece, $15 for two, or $30 for the lot.

    13) Western Saddle bags. These have only been used a few times. They expand and have water bottle holders. They are actually pretty big, and i can fit a LOT in these, but i rarely ride western, so i really don’t need these. i would trade them for a pair of english cantle bags…..

    14) LIKE NEW Buddy Stirrups. They are leather, and literally have only been used twice. They are basically new. I am asking $50 (i paid $60 for them) but i am willing to negotiate.

    15) Black Western Saddle Pad. Not sure what brand, but it seems nice. I wouldn’t mind washing it if you wanted me to. Asking$20 obo

    16) Older fleece western pad. In good condition for schooling, a little worn though. Asking $15 obo

    17)Western Split reins. Good soft leather. Only reason i am selling is because they look a little funky with my new bridle. asking $10

    18)western Spurs. Good metal, could use a little leather conditioner. Asking $5

    19) Plain Leather Headstall. Good soft leather, a little worn, but still in perfect using condition. Asking $15

    20) Ribboned Leather Headstall. I did this one in black&white. I can, again, change out the colors or take the ribbon off completely, it only takes a few minutes. Asking $20

    21)5 inch Steel, low-port/Medium-shank curb bit. Asking $20 obo

    22/23) Two 4 1/2 inch steel, low-port/medium-shank curb bits Asking $20/piece obo

    24) 5 inch Aluminum low-port/medium-shank curb bit. Asking $10

    25) 5 1/2 inch aluminum low-port/ short-shank curb bit. Asking $10

    26) 6 1/2 inch Loose Ring Snaffle asking $15 obo

    27) 6 inch D-Ring snaffle. Has rust, am currently c=working on getting it nice and shiny and clean again. I just need to find my extra steel wool. Asking $10 if it isn’t cleaned, $15 if it is obo

    28)5 1/2 inch Tom Thumb? I have ever used one of these bits before, (hence the reason i am selling it) and i THINK it is a tom thumb, but if i am wrong would someone let me know? Asking $10 obo

    29)6 1/2 inch loose ring snaffle. Asking $15 obo.

    30) I don’t even know what to call this bit. i have NEVER seen it before in my life. It appears to be a loose ring snaffle, but the whatchamajigs on the side have me confused. So, i am asking $10 obo, since i have no idea how to use, and i will therefore, never use it.

    31) 17 inch AP English Saddle. Good leather, i believe it is an Argentina, but it is a GREAT beginner saddle. Pics of the saddle are coming, but i can’t get this laptop to work with me.
    Here are the pics of everything else

    There will probably be more as i clean out the tack rooms and barns, but i thought this was a good

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    What kind of saddle are you looking for? Style, seat size, tree width? It might help to know breed, age and ht/weight of your horse as well 🙂

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