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Please Help! – suspensory injury

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  • ShaeStuart Original Poster ShaeStuart
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    My horse has been either off or in extremely light work for over 10 months. He has a suspensory injury and got shock wave treatment and a blood transfusion called PRP. He has been in his rehab for about 6 weeks all together and has been feeling a bit off/lame for 2ish weeks. People that looked at him said he looked OK just tired/stiff because he’s been off for so long. (His rehab is only up to trotting now.) He felt a bit worse today and my trainer told me to use an anti-inflammatory on both ankles (where the suspensory bruise was, and on the same area on the other leg) because they both had equal heat. My horse has asymmetrical loading of the feet. So basically he walks, trots and canters and puts unequal weight on his left (and possibly his right). Does anyone have any ideas, we cannot afford for him to injure himself again and I don’t want to lose him. I need help, please if anyone has any ideas, besides going easier on him, because I am already going to do that. Thanks.

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    horsetucker horsetucker
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    one of my horses got her foot caught un der the wooden fence, and we wrapped it for a couple of days, called are vet and she came up everyday/morning to give her shot and she was better by the following weekend. so I think that if you talk with you vet and talk about meds and treatments she might give your horse the same shot but a different rotine. my horse got it everyday cuz it was sever. hope this helps:)

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    Mapale Mapale
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    I have a mare that has also dealt with suspensory tendon injuries, repeatedly. Conformation is most likely the culprit as most of these injuries occurred in the pasture – only once did she lame-up during a ride and that was after a nine month retirement. However, here are a few of the options I have tried:
    Sport boots (sometimes with compression socks) Professional’s Choice brand
    EPF-5 under wraps or vet wrap – effective – but will blister if applied to a damp leg
    Sore No More liniment for stiffness
    Cosequin + MSM and HA supplement (I recommend)
    Vet-wrapped tendons for extra support during rehab exercise – an easy precaution that really helps, cooler and cheaper than boots.
    Surpass (no positive impact but vet recommended so I tried it)

    Also – how long are your horse’s toes? Keeping the toes short will help that tendon heal. I’ve gone to a five-week farrier schedule.

    Additionally – avoid tight circles and pivoting on the weak leg. Don’t sidepass. At the possibility of lameness, cease all activity and confine until the extent of the injury/lameness can be accessed. Cold water hose and poultice if you discover ANY heat in the tendon. If your vet approves, give 1 g bute and omeprazole if stomach issues are a possibility due to the NSAID. Heat and swelling are the enemy and can undo months of healing.

    There is no formula for rehab because each horse and injury are individuals. But my rule is to walk only until the musculature returns somewhat – usually two months. And I don’t hesitate to back off at the first sign of pain. My mare is too stoic with a tremendous work ethic, so she tries to conceal pain. She is a perfect four-beat paso, and I can feel it when she is off long before I can see it.

    As always, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, but in the case of horses, it’s worth a half-ton of cure. I hope some or any part of our experiences can help. Be patient, and good luck.

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    ShaeStuart Original Poster ShaeStuart
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    Thank you so much! So could you use the poultice and the liniment together? And What about the EPF- 5? If it like a stronger Surpass? The Surpass hasn’t helped with his inflammation and smallish amount of heat. I am probably going to go with the poultice and the liniment first if it’s okay to use them together. Then maybe I’ll try the EPF-5. Instead of wrapping my horses legs with vet wrap, would polo wraps be okay? I don’t think I’m going to use the supplements because I simply can’t afford a $150 bottle of Cosequin. (: Thanks!

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    Mapale Mapale
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    Vet wraps and sport boots are for the working horse. You can use Sore No More under the boots and wraps once you start working him.

    Use poultice and standing wraps for the initial injury, and confine the horse. The poultice should be applied under standing wraps – leave it for 24hr. Repeat twice if there is still heat. Cold water hosing removes the liniment and also helps with inflammation.

    Don’t combine with liniment – they do opposite things. Liniment helps warm up sore muscles and poultice cools the inflamed tissue. Save the liniment for after a workout (some folks may use it before exercise, i.e. on older horses, Sore No More is the brand they use on racehorses. But in the case for rehab, once you restore your horse to work, use it after initial workouts to ease sore muscles.)

    EPF-5 is a wonder drug in my book. After poulticing treatment(I usually do it two days), for the next several days, I use EPF-5 in a layer of gauze after cold water hosing. Dry the leg thoroughly first or you’ll blister the horse. Then apply standing wraps. EPF should take down the swelling and heat in a few days. Use gloves because it can be absorbed into your skin as well as your horse’s. I also use it on the first days back at work to ease my mare’s pain and stress at the change in workload.

    Surpass is an anti-inflammatory. It didn’t work for my mare, or I didn’t see the improvement at least, so I discontinued it and used EPF-5. I have friends who had a different experience. Do not use them together.

    I use standing wraps for several weeks then step down to vet wrap when I am able to increase mobility. (If you don’t mind the really ugly kind, it’s usually cheaper.) I hear you on the cost of Cosequin. I had her on it for two years, have a great relationship with the local feed store and they cut me a break on the price, but it was still pricy.

    A silver lining for me has been the great relationship I have with my mare. She will let me do anything with her, is very safe to work around, she somehow knows I’m there to take the pain away. I’ve had her for many years, four different tendon injuries, one broken cannon bone, and even a bout with minor laminitis. But when she and I are out on the trail, she is amazing and takes great care of me. Don’t give up; the best horses are worth the work!

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    Mapale Mapale
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    I wrote:
    Cold water hosing removes the liniment and also helps with inflammation.
    It should read:
    Cold water hosing removes the “poultice”….

    Sorry for the long comment with a mistake in it! :O

    I was trying not to be confusing since we were discussing two different things, the first response to a tendon injury, and suggestions on how to keep an injured horse from re-injury during rehab.

    Alois Podhajsky: “When I hear somebody talk about a horse being stupid, I figure it’s a sure sign that animal has outfoxed them. ...

    wyoenglishrider wyoenglishrider
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    I know this is an older post, but I must also agree with Mapale on the EPF-5…..everyone should have this on hand! I order it from Valley Vet (SmartPak-you need to carry this 😉 ). It used to only be available from the vet. I have used it for over 15 years exactly described by Mapale and it is a wonder drug. Excited to see that someone else has heard of it!

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