Pony can't collect the canter, hind end soreness, where to inject first?

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    I have a pony who has been having hind end soreness for a few months. I’ve been working with a local vet, chiro, acupuncture, massage, change in work routine, saddle fit, etc. Vet has now recommended stifle injections. She says he’s sore in his SI, stifles, and hocks.
    The undersaddle symptoms – he has huge difficulty relaxing at the canter, shortening his stride, and making prompt relaxed canter transitions. He would prefer to run into the canter and then go fast. He’s a naturally forward pony at the walk and trot as well. He is very happy guy, no bucking, no rearing, no ear pinning.
    When I try to collect the canter, he may pull down, or brace and jump up a few times in a row, lacking forward, then go forward. Every now and then I can get a few strides of a nicer canter.
    So do I go with stifle injections first, or does this sound like SI would be a better place to start? Or hocks?

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    I’d go with whatever the vet suggests. I would also stop riding him until he is free of pain.

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    Hey there. I’d say it’s probably a combination of all three but I’d try doing the hocks first. I know when my mare hadn’t had her hocks injected for a while she would have a difficult time w/ transitions and collecting because she would try and keep her hocks as straight as possible and didn’t want to bring her hind end under her. Then once she got injected she would feel great. I know this was posted a while ago hope I could still help

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    My mare has been short in her right hind for the past couple years. She always worked out of it, but wasn’t super happy to work. The vet said she was sore in the SI joint. He perscribed previcox. While that did mask the symptoms of her lameness, I wanted to find the underlying cause and not start injections. I recently discovered it was saddle fit!!! Check out this article, it helped me understand why my horse was sore in the first place. Hope this gives you ideas on which way to go next.


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    Hi its its original poster! Update – we injected the stifles, i think hit the nail on the head, he’s so so much better. no more soreness, can canter on small circles, shorten stride without panicking, its great. Not an overnight transition – we did the stifles late october, and its january now, slow build up to where we are now, but its going great.

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