Pony not liking Hay

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    I have had my chubby haflinger pony for eleven years (she is now 23 so not a spring chicken although she still thinks she is) and never once have had an issue with her not eating (even when she came down with strangles many years ago). Recently- within the last two months- our boarding barn received their winter trailer of “second” cut hay. As implied by the quotes the quality was no where near spectacular but I did not worry too much since she has always eaten anything.

    Slowly, more and more horses stopped eating the new hay as we transitioned over, mine being one of them. We chalked it up to the poor quality and the barn purchased a new trailer full of true, good quality looking second cut hay. Problem fixed? Nope. She barely touches any of it. She spreads it all across her stall (all two flakes of it) and then poops on it. I have tried leaving is for days to see if she will eat it with no results. Most of the other horses in the barn have been eating this new hay.

    My final attempt has been to bring her out to the hay area to have her pick which bale she likes. On a rare day she will find one bale she LOVES and I pick it out for her and she eats it all but other days she won’t touch anything out of fifty some odd bales in the barn. This is a pony who used to drag me to the hay bales just for a bite. I worry she has come down with something but temp is normal, and she is drinking/eating grain/pooping all fine. Her teeth were just done in the beginning of summer as well. Any ideas on where I can go from here?

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    Have you had the vet out?

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