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    Hi everyone,

    I have a several part question. My 20ish year old pony has had loose-ish manure for the 8 years that I’ve had him. It is not diarrhea consistency, but is a little looser than normal poop. I placed him on SmartDigest, later SmartDigest Ultra, early on in my ownership of him, and his poop has firmed up a bit, but I would say every fourth poop comes out like a cow pie. He also has the squirts, which got very bad on the spring grass earlier this year, but have diminished to just passing gas with a bit of water coming out. It tends to drip down his hind legs, and while it does not make him raw or scald him in any way, I do feel bad that he has poopy legs a lot of the time. He has been checked by various vets over the years, and none have been overly concerned about this issue. He is dewormed regularly as well, and his fecal egg count was not abnormal. I also started doing a monthly purge using SandClear, which seemed to help, but after about 3.5 weeks after the weekly cleanse, the poop starts to be a little less formed again. His diet consists of senior grain 2x a day with his supplements at night. He gets free choice grass hay, and he is on pasture between 8 and 12 hours a day depending on the weather. He also is a good water drinker. His teeth get done once a year which is what he needs according to our dentist. He is a normal weight, and we actually cut his grain in the warmer months because he can get too chubby with the grass, hay, and full grain ration. So…

    1. Has anyone experienced this? Any ideas other than what I’ve already tried?

    2. My pony also has a weird habit of pooping against one of his stall walls. That’s right. He poops against the wall. Whenever he has to go, he backs up against his wall, lifts his tail, and squeezes his poop out against the wall. As a result, no matter how many times I either bathe or brush his bottom, there is still poop all over it again within a few hours due to this habit. This is only inside. He goes to the bathroom like normal outside. Has anyone experienced this? And are there any suggestions for what I can do to prevent him making such a mess of his bottom? I know he is doing this behavior because he wants to have a clean stall (at least that’s what the horse behavior book said…), and there is nothing I can really do to alter this behavior, but his butt just gets so dirty and smelly from this!

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    Have you changed his grain or taken him off the grain? Maybe the senior grain has too much sugar in it for him? Have you tried putting him on a low starch grain?
    Have you tried giving him oats? This works as a sandclear as well, but you can give it to them all the time.

    as for the pooping in the corner thing, I have no idea how to fix that. My friends horse does this too and only in the stall!

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    I had to look for your name to be sure i didn’t write this – I tried everything for years with my pony. The only thing that works is Misoprostol powder twice a day. The little bottle comes with a small scoop and he gets 1 scoop am and 1 scoop pm. I have tried to reduce this a little but within a day, his legs are covered with wet poop.

    Seriously, I have tried everything under then sun – this is the only thing that has worked and has been effective for about 6 months so far. You can get it from your vet but I found it on RaceHorseMeds.com for a lower price ($100 vs. $190 from the vet). The container lasts 2 weeks so you need 2 containers each month.

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    This comes and goes with my horse. I notice it when the temperature changes or when the grass or hay changes. He is just sensitive to changes in his diet. After things stablilze, he gets better. He is a Palomino, so the poop stains are very noticable. If it it consistent with every 3rd poop or so, it sounds like a diet change is in order during feeding time. His grass and hay don’t seem to bother the issue and that is most of his manure, but when you see slugs of change, it is probably due to his grain feedings. I would talk to your vet or local feed store to see what you can slowly change him/her over to.

    As far as pooping in the corner, each horse is different. We have 15 different horses in the stable and each has a different way of pooping in their stall. Some poop all over the place and spread it with their feet and others like a particular spot. I was cleaning my guys stall and he waited for me to move out of his normal poop spot. As soon as I was gone, he went in his normal spot. He is the same way with urine.

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    You might want to consider cutting back his hay, and also the amount of grass he gets. Unless he is working, he probably doesn’t need grain at all, unless he has tooth issues which make it difficult for him to manage the hay/grass. Some ponies have difficulty digesting that much greenery.

    As for pooping in a corner – maybe he just wants to keep his stall clean? My first horse frequently pooped in his feed tub and his water bucket.

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    Not having much advice for you, I will only relay my personal experience for reference. I have a 31 yo here and she is consistently.. loose. I attribute the majourity reason for it to her age as the elders don’t absorb as well (not that 20 is ancient, ‘specially for a pony… but it IS 20..). My only suggestion would be to keep the sugars minimal if not eliminated from Pony’s diet (this will also help manage insulin resistance if that is a concern. Untreated IR can result in loose poo as well, among other undesirable conditions). My mare also gets SmartDigest to keep the digestive environment regular and there has been a slight improvement. She seems to be loosest when in heat but shows no signs of distress physically or mentally, eats well, is active and still very much in charge of her herd. She has also been Cushingoid for 15 years and I know to accept this as a contributing factour to her current general health.

    Age thru Life brings changes. Our job as horsemen is to try to recognize, understand and keep up with the changes. No easy feat, hang in there : )

    Good luck to ALL of you and to your ponies!

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