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    Any ideas….
    I have a 16 month old gelding that has a very definite pot-bellied look to him 🙁 Quite frankly he looks pregnant to me.
    He has been fecal tested, wormed regularly, on a high quality hay, overnight turnout in a large field with grazing, Purina feed and a digestive supplement.
    I realize he is young, but I have owned several horses thru the yearling phase and none of them looked like this. He has looked this way for quite some time now 🙁

    NinaJD NinaJD
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    maybe just a hay belly?
    have you tried cutting him back on some of his feed?
    What breed is he?

    we have 2 arabians that tend to get pot bellies when they aren’t worked constantly in the spring/summer.

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    I’m with NinaJD on the hay belly thing. I’ve got a mini who looks pregnant much of the time, and given a day on unlimited grass (like last week when I forgot I’d mowed the tall grass in the pen and turned him out in there…ewwwww!), he puffs up like a balloon animal. He’s not fat otherwise, so I don’t worry too much about it. He actually consumes very little. I can put two flakes of hay in his stall, and most of it will still be there in the morning, and he gets only a half-pound of low-cal feed twice a day–enough to hide his supplements but not enough to pack on weight. It’s just his body type. I only worry when he objects to moving around because that belly is just a burden. Could be you’ve just got a youngster who tends toward that shape. Could also be that he’s not quite grown into his body yet. If the vet is happy, then I wouldn’t be too concerned.

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    MareMother MareMother
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    My filly looked RIDICULOUS about that age. Straight topline, skinny neck and pot belly. She grew out of it and looks quite normal now. (Okay maybe a little chunky… That’s her in my picture.)

    I think it’s the horsey version of middle school. Everyone looks awkward in middle school!

    PiaffeNPassage PiaffeNPassage
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    How have you determined “high quality” hay, are you actually getting it tested by someone?

    Have you dewormed for tapes?

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    Fecal tests are greay, but unless you do them three days in a row you may miss something. I would recommend power packing him. I use the 290g safeguard labelled for cattle. Its cheaper than panacur and the same exact chemical. You can also 5 day worm two horses for around $50! I recently power packed my two year old and his pot belly is going away. Keep in mind he is in VERY light work so the reduction in pot bellyness couldn’t be excercise. Hope this helps!

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