Pro's and Con's of Half-round shoes and changing disciplines???

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    Need some expert advice. I have a 6 year old American Saddlebred that I have had since he was a yearling. I have trained him myself and he has actually been quite easy. I started showing him in Saddleseat as a 3 year old (2 shows), then continued to show him as a 4 year old in approx. 7 shows. He wore a wedge pad and 18 oz shoe most of the time. He experienced a growth spurt through his 5 year old year and seemed to have a little trouble elevating etc. I exercised him daily through his 5 year old year, but did not show him (took him out of “show shoes”). I put him back in show shoes in March of 2014 and worked him toward Show Pleasure. After showing him at one show in June I decided that he just wasn’t going to cut it as a true English horse, so I started working him as a hunter pleasure guy the first of July. My farrier reset him on July 15. We took off the show shoes, through away the wedge, cut him down a little and put a half round shoe on him. He showed some lameness on day 3 following the new shoes. Could the half rounds have been a bad choice? Could he have had muscle soreness due to the change? We tried not to change his angle much, but perhaps enough to effect him? The lameness lasted about 3 days. He seems fine now and likes work as a hunter pleasure horse much better. I am giving him 8 to 9 hours of turnout now as well. Really curious as to the pro’s and con’s of the Half-Round shoes and/or anything else that seems to need addressing. I can submit a video if that would be helpful.

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