QH Colt Needs Muscle

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    I’m getting my 2012 stud colt ready for the halter and lunge line classes, and he’s just not muscling up like my other youngsters. I’d really like to put some meet on his topline and hindquarters, but I don’t just want to load him up on grain because I’m nervous about founder. Any suggestions?

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    Have you discussed with your veterinarian to rule out the possibility of a deficiency? If that is ruled out, he may just be a late bloomer. I agree with you on not loading him up on grain. Better to have a sound horse..no horse show is worth a lame horse. Like people, horses build muscle over a period of time. I would have him exercise like the human athlete’s do, one day on, one day off, giving his muscles a chance to build. If you do this already, you may just have to wait till he’s ready. Some horses just don’t mature as fast as others.

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    I had a vet recommend to feed a muscle builder at the time 2yr old Appendix QH. I chose to use SmartMuscle Mass Pellets. I was very pleased it worked perfectly,helped his top line, hind qtrs. and neck. I noticed a difference in a few weeks. I also feed him rice bran pellet for extra weight, with advice from the vet. This combination worked perfectly. Good luck

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