Ration Balancers, Multi-Vitamins, oh my!

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    So, I wanted to get everyones’ preferences on multi-vitamins and, in particular, ration balancers. I have a young, warmblood mare who is just starting over fences. She is not prone to any lameness or illnesses; however, I am a bit worried she’s not getting all she needs in her diet, especially now that she is being ridden five to six days a week.

    Currently, I have her on Mega-Cell and MSM pellets, but I’m contemplating on moving over to SmartCombo. Anyone have preferences on one or the other? Or have a different ration balancer/vitamin/supplement regimen they like for their hunter/jumper? I won’t lie, I’m a bit overwhelmed by all the choices out there.

    A bit more information: my mare is rough board. No lameness, no signs of pain anywhere, no known health issues (colic, ulcers, nothing). She is 16.3 hh and close to 1800 pounds. She’s a big chunk of muscle! Her pasture has some grass, and they have continual access to hay (grass based, no alfalfa) and fresh water. She gets her current supplements served with a half pound of alfalfa pellets. She doesn’t get any sweet feed or grain, since she doesn’t seem to have a need for it.

    Keeps weight super well, solid feet, and probably has the shiniest coat in the facility.

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    I have not used Smartcombo but am currently using SmartOmega3 with my mare and am very happy with how it rounds out her diet. However, it’s not a multi-vitamin, more of an antioxidant/omega3/digestion support product. For more of a ration balancer I am a huge fan of Triple Crown’s 30% vitamin/mineral supplement. Anything by them is top notch.

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    Forgot to mention, if you switch her to a product other than SmartCombo, I would keep her on the MSM for sure, especially as you’re upping the intensity of the workload.

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    I use SmartCombo on my 17 year old, 16.0 h Canadian Sport Horse gelding. I compete at Beginner Novice eventing, but we are schooling at Novice level. I also trail ride, and take him to frequent jumping lessons. He used to get Grand Complete, but we switched him to SmartCombo as it provided more joint support. I love this supplement because it gives joint, digestive, and hoof support, plus it gives his coat a shiny boost! He is moving great, and I feel good while travelling long-distance because of the digestive support. I have not needed to supplement with any additional joint supplements, but each horse is an individual- I would advise talking to your vet. Good luck!

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    Pro VM by Peak Performance hands down. Very concentrated with no fillers or sugar, start with ⅓-½ scoop daily. You may not ever need more. Covers all; blood, muscle, hoof, coat, joint.

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    From what I know, owners should give horses a multi-vitamin if they don’t have access to grass pastures to graze in. Smartpak has a neat little wizard that gives great suggestions. Always confirm the suggestions with your vet.

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    Actually there’s a study in Sweden which proves that all any horse actually needs is high quality good grass hay to remain healthy & compete. But barring you being able to do so, a multi vitamin is probably not a bad idea. I would communicate with your veterinarian about it.

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    Look at Purina’s Enrich Plus. It’s a ration balancer that is fed at the rate of 1-2 lbs/day, depending on weight and activity level. My easy keepers have done very well on it, and, like your gal, mine are also on grass hay or pasture and living outside 24/7/365.

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    I will agree that SmartPak is really great about helping you put together the right supplement paks for your horse and I encourage you to call them or do the online wizard to help you decide.

    I’ve got a 10yo 16.3++ Oldenburg Gelding that I keep on a variety of supplements all the time. He’s a top hunter jumper and in a full-time program, so I want to make sure he’s getting everything he needs. There is always some trial and error with supplements – powders vs. pellets. If your mare is a picky eater, you may have to change things a couple times.

    I’ve had my gelding on SmartCombo pellets for the past 6 months and he is really happy with them. He’s also on an electrolyte pellet every day and NuImage to keep his coat rich and shiny (he’s black – needs help in the summer – although he is really dappled.)

    Your mare is young enough that you can experiment with what she needs but a good comprehensive supplement is a good place to start. And remember: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. If your mare is sound and happy and has good weight and is performing well, don’t always think there may be an issue. Preventative is great, but sometimes it can go to extremes with our wonderful horses. 🙂

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    So, she is 16.3 at 1800 lbs. How old is she? 1800 lbs. is quite large for a horse this size. I have a 16.3 Trakehner at about 1400 lbs. She is large boned and the vet says she is still overweight. She gets 1/2 lb. Buckeye 8 twice a day plus two flakes of hay in the a.m. and three in the p.m. She is out 24/7 grazing. My main concern is you stated she is young. Please don’t start her jumping until she is 5+ or you have her legs x-rayed to make sure everything is in place otherwise you will ruin her. I have raised warmbloods for over 20 years and people don’t seem to understand that starting them to soon will ruin them. You don’t want a lame horse.

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    I’ve used Barn Bag for my horses for years and am very satisfied. You only need 1/2 cup per day per horse. This product is for horses that are NOT fed alfalfa.

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    I have had exceptional success with Equipride from Sweet Pro Feeds. It is an excellent supplement without added sugars. Look it up online.
    The amount of minerals, vitamins and probitotics exceeds what you get with top of the line feeds like Tribute.
    The nice thing is that it is easy to feed and very, very economical.
    My horse is pasture fed. He is worked regularly. I mix the Equipride with soaked beet shreds.
    My horse is healthy, shiny and has great hooves. His mane and tail grow about an inch and a half a month. Equipride has all the benefits with out the sugar. My horse performs well without getting “hot”.
    Then depending on specific needs, such as a week packing in the mountains or preparing for an endurance season, you can add other area specific supplements.
    I took my horse to an 8 day clinic for which he spent 50 days conditioning for. It was late winter so his hay and beet shreds were increased. His top line needed some improvement. After much research I decided to use the SmartPac Muscle builder. I was satisfied with the results.

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