Recommendations for a stall toy for a rascal?

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    My gelding has disfigured his second heated water bucket (ripped it out of the wall), mangled the bucket holder, opened his stall door by figuring out the latch (I have to tie it shut), taken the spigot apart and turned on the water (I changed the spigot type), gotten stuck behind the barn (I fenced the narrow area off), just to name a few of his antics…

    Could it be that he needs something positive to focus on? I’ve bought toys for him – ha – he’s not interested in those! They litter the pasture.

    Another example – he didn’t like the new hay this winter, so he took it all out of his hay manger and trampled it. Then he promptly went over to the hay barn and stole hay out of the window – and loved it – the very same hay.

    He learns very quickly and is a perfect gentleman in the saddle and on the ground. He needs something challenging but safe to tamper with, preferably that he doesn’t think I’ve left there for that purpose. Any ideas for Mr. Mischief?

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    Oh wow, does this sound familiar! Just need to add “ripped the seat of the tractor” in there. And when the Mr. Mischief weighs 2,000lbs it gets really hopeless. My horse has turned on the spigot and flooded the paddock, let himself out of the gate, and pulled the plug on the automatic waterer and flooded the paddock several times(I still don’t know how he did this!) just to name a few. Talk about destructive! 🙂

    Since he seems to like buckets you could give him a bucket that you don’t mind if he destroys. You could even hang it on a hook that he can take it off of so he can bang it around in his stall.

    Hope you find something he likes to play with!

    Mapale Original Poster Mapale
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    Thanks – an old bucket is a great idea! I’ll try it.

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    IrishMelody IrishMelody
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    If you are okay with him having baling twine, use baling twine to tie milk jugs or laundry detergent jugs (washed off of course) anywhere you can tie them. I had problems with the two steers we are raising taking their water heater out of the water, flinging it around, and letting it burn up in the straw. They love the milk jugs, they can mouth them, rub on them, fling them around. And there is always baling twine around to re tie them. Plus it is a great use for milk jugs, and when they are too crumpled or destroyed to be fun, they go in the recycling bin.

    If you are a little leery using baling twine, a lead rope (if it will fit through the handle) also works well. That is how I tie up jolly balls for the horses.

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    So far the bucket idea has worked well. Every morning it’s in the middle of his stall and I put it back in the holder so he can take it out again. One of the dogs left a stuffed toy near the pasture fence, he reached it through the fence and took most of the stuffing out. I found it (or what was left of it) near his stall. He keeps life interesting around here. I’ll try the milk jugs and an old lead rope, this sounds like a good desensitizing idea, too, thanks!

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    This sounds way too familiar. My guy know how to unlatch the paddock gate and will crawl (or try to) into any bucket or tub that has water. You could put some holes in the jugs and put in some treats. So when your horse plays with it the treats will come out.

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    My horse loved a slightly flat football or soccer ball. He’d play with it for hours! You might try that.

    NinaJD NinaJD
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    wow, I don’t know if I should be happy or disappointed that my horses don’t cause this kind of ruckus. haha.
    The milk jugs sound like a good idea. I might try it just to see if anyone will play with them. My trainer ties them in the stall doors so they have to go through them to get outside(good desensitizing)

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    Sounds like he does not have another horse ?? If so AND you own the barn, how about a ‘friend’. We have 4 horses, but someone gave me a Guinea Hen and she (as she was alone) hung out with the horses ALL day. She would roost at night in the barn. I put a heat lamp up for her by her roost in the winter. Anyway, she has gotten to the point where she rides around on 3 of my 4 horses. In the nice weather, she hangs with the herd and eats bugs AND TICKS, wherever they are grazing. Just a thought. ps Guineas do not make the mess that a chicken does, are less likely to end up in our garden and are fairly easy to care for.

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    The milk jugs are a good idea, but please be sure to remove or do not attach the lids as he might swallow them. I bought a beach ball, jolly ball without the handle and then a jolly ball with the handle. My gelding liked all of them, but he has a habit of picking the ball up with his teeth which results in a hole in the ball. So, I am going to give him the milk jug this time since I always have them.

    IrishMelody IrishMelody
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    I am glad the milk jug idea is such a hit. Yes, please do remove the lids! I forgot to put that in. Major choking hazard.

    I hadn’t thought to hang them from doorways for desensitizing, I will defo have to do that as I am slowly putting more and more “weird” things in the run-in for the horses. I am going slow because my gelding is afraid of everything so if I put too much at once, he won’t come inside.

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    I had to laugh when I came across this topic. My daughter’s colt tore the cartilage in his front right fetlock, and had to have major surgery to have the damage corrected. He was confined to his stall for 30 days, then alone in a round pen, while the rest of our herd enjoyed their normal freedom. We had to find ways to keep him entertained and occupied. Here are some things my daughter did:
    – She spent LOTS and LOTS of non-demanding time just being with him;
    – She turned his stall into what our vet called the “Taj Ma-Stall” with a Lick-It treat, milk jug on a rope, mineral block, jolly ball, and the means to see his buddies in the pasture;
    – She kept one other horse in the stable whenever she could not be with him so he was never alone;
    – She introduces him to lots of new and interesting things such as an old bath towel, a bridle, a bicycle outside of his stall with a bell and horn, a plastic bag on a stick, and lots more.

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    likit tongue twister seemed to work well for a friend of mine, she mounted it on the wall and her horse stopped cribbing and chewing

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    Mapale, I’m following this thread with interest as I have the same problem. I’ve also thought about birds, but my horse isn’t in a barn (he’s in a pipe corral) and I’d need a cage for the Guinea at night or the coyotes would get her. So far the traffic cone doesn’t interest him. Neither does a big ball. The kong ball for horses (with a hole that dribbles small horse cookies, etc.) doesn’t seem to interest him either. Maybe I’ll try adding pellets. But the milk bottle–now that has potential. And it’s free!

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