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    I’m sending my 14-year-old OTTB to rehab next week, where he will (hopefully) recover from a tear in his LH DDFT. I’m obviously sending him with all the stuff they’re requiring (buckets, blankets, SmartPaks, grain, etc.), but I’m wondering if there’s anything else I should be including? I feel like I’m sending my kid to camp and I don’t want to forget anything important! Any suggestions are much appreciated!

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    I don’t mean this in any way sarcastic but put his name on anything you expect to return with him. If he has any special clothes (sheets/bankets/coolers, saddle pads, halters, bridles, boots/wraps) mark them and send them along as well. Good luck and fingers crossed for an easy and uneventful rehab!

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    Yes, put your name on your stuff your sending with him. That way they won’t get stolen and be retuned with him. I’d suggest that if he has a favorite brush (sorry it sounds weird but Jennie has her own favorite brush) send that with him to 🙂 Good luck and I hope it goes well!! *Fingers Crossed*

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