Repeated mane rubber

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    My horse always rubs out his mane during the summer (it’s pretty embarrassing in the show ring…). I feel like I’ve tried everything-shampoos, medicated sprays, even roaching part of his mane. Any advice?

    justjump2 justjump2
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    Is it possible your horse has sweet itch? Does he rub tail, too? Seem excessively itchy?

    HuckFinn HuckFinn
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    Ugh, I feel your pain. My old pony used to do the same thing – turns out his was an allergy (which took us forever to figure out) and we had to do steroids and a whole bunch of other stuff. I hope yours is something simpler, but I’d definitely bring in your vet.

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    Have you tried a cup of whole flax and a high dose of MSM? That is where I would start. Also, test for allergies, it may be possible to eliminate whatever is causing the reaction.

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    SeizeTheReins Original Poster SeizeTheReins
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    Thanks, and sorry to hear about your pony, that sounds rough! My vet did take a look and didn’t think it looked like allergies, so I’m hoping someone here might have had success with a similar problem.

    Tucker’s Mom Tucker's Mom
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    Please check out my blog and see what I have learned to help deal with this!
    I have dealt with a very itchy draft cross for years. Just look for anything that mentions Tucker or his allergies!

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    I have a pony with sweet itch but also another horse and pony that rub their tails. I discovered that the tail itch was from the insects as well so I put baby oil down the top of their mane on their manes and docs of their tails and it seems to do the trick. The pony with the sweet itch has the best tail in the barn. It isn’t pretty but around the barn it is just fine.

    Horse Minion
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    Handy Salve by Lucky Braids solved ALL my mane and tail rubbing problems. You can also contact Ruthann at Lucky Braids on facebook, she will provide awesome additional help regarding itching!!!

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    Hi. My ISH has this issue. I tried allergy shots to desensitize him to really no avail. My vet advised that he thinks it is related to a type of insect called a midge. It is not uncommon in horses. I do have it under control after vet consults and many years. Here is my regimen: Wash with T-gel or generic type of shampoo that is tar based. DAILY fly spray affected areas – the whole horse actually but especially where he itches. ENDURE is the recommended one. EVERY DAY. one bite and he will itch. My horse also got sores on his legs from itching. Now he goes out at 7:30 AM and comes in at 12/1 PM. He is also a nonsweater. In addition I used Prednisolone for severe outbreaks and he is on a maintenance dose of 5 a day or every other day during the bad summer months.

    No quick fix on this one.

    PiaffeNPassage PiaffeNPassage
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    Read up on neck threadworms, googling should lead you to a HUGE thread on COTH forum about it.

    I did the protocol on my horse this summer because we though he had “allergies”, I did see almost immediate relief!

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    Is the mane rubbing due to itchiness or simply because your horse is sticking its head through stall/paddock railing to graze food on the other side? We have a couple of horses that rub holes in their manes every year but its because they toss their hay out side their paddock and then stick their heads through the panel railing to eat. The only real solution to our problem is to make the panels solid with fencing or plywood boards to prevent them from tossing their food out and then sticking their heads out.

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