Rescue horse weight gain

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    I run a horse rescue, and for the most part all of our horses do really good, but I have a 10 year old that came in and for a while he did really good, but he seems to have leveled out on his weight gain.

    Currently he gets 2 feedings of 1 cup pelleted beet pulp (soaked), 4 quarts of 15% feed, 1 cup corn oil, half cup molasses and 1/4 cup Red Cell on top of Ulcer medication. he also has free choice of Bermuda hay and open pasture with mixed grass. He does ground work every day for 45 min in a round pen and another 20 min walking up and down a rather steep hill trying to build muscle.

    but for the last 3 months I have not been able to get any weight put onto his back or hips, while his ribs have all but disappeared his back bone and hips still show as bad as the day he came in.

    just some follow up information before it gets asked,
    YES he has been wormed
    YES he has had his teeth done
    YES he has been tested for Ulcers and is on medication for them
    NO he is not confined to a stall
    YES he has full access to as much Bermuda hay
    YES he has 5 acres of good mixed grass

    Please pardon how dark the pictures are, I just took them to show his condition

    Noxx Noxx
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    Just to be clear, he gets

    1 cup beetpulp (soaked)
    4 quarts 15% feed
    1 cup Corn Oil
    1/2 cup Molassas
    1/2 cup Red Cell

    1 cup beetpulp (soaked)
    4 quarts 15% feed
    1 cup Corn Oil
    1/2 cup Molassas
    1/2 cup Red Cell

    So 8 quarts grain total a day correct? Well I’d start by looking at the fat content of the grain. Usually regular pelleted (or sweet) grain only has a 4%-8% fat content. You may have to change his grain specifically to something with more ricebran, flaxseed, soybean, beetpulp, etc in it. I personally use Purina Ultium (a 13% fat content, 19% fiber, and 12% protein) for my hard keeper OTTB and have found amazing results at 8 quarts a day.

    Beetpulp and Red Cell are fabulous! Corn oil is cheap, but you’d probably have better success with weight using rice bran oil, DAC oil, or cocosoya oil. Why the molasses? I would personally cut that out. It’s just additional sugar and flavoring. The oil should be enough to make his medicines stick to the grain.

    According to this source Bermuda grass hay is about equal (a little less) than Timothy or Orchard grass hay. I also take a quote from TEXAS VET NEWS By Dr. Bob Judd, DVM and the Texas Farm Bureau “A recent study was performed at Texas A&M to determine if there was a difference in gastric ulcers in horses fed alfalfa hay versus horses fed Bermuda grass hay. The study involved 24 quarter horse yearlings that were fed alfalfa and a grain concentrate for 28 days and later were fed coastal Bermuda and the same grain concentrate for another 28 days. Horses were housed in dry lots and were exercised 3 days per week. Results indicated that horses fed alfalfa had significantly less stomach ulcers than horses fed coastal hay.” That was written in 2009. Alfalfa should help his ulcers, and put weight on him! Though that’s not always realistic depending on your area. Alfalfa Cubes are your 2nd best bet.

    Good luck with your OTTB 🙂

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    yes, you are correct with the feedings, I use Molasses to flavor the stuff so he eats it better, I’ve tried cutting it and he won’t eat it so its just flavoring hence why he doesn’t get very much of it, I will try Alfalfa cubes and see if that helps and thank you. and Just a note, he is a TN Walker not a TB

    NinaJD NinaJD
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    have you tried putting him on a senior grain?
    Triple crown senior is a very good grain and has beet pulp, omega 3’s, and flaxseed.
    Have you tried a weight gainer as well or putting him on a probiotic?

    Good luck. keep us updated.

    "Take the time it takes, so that it takes less time."
    "Expect a lot, accept a little, reward often."
    Pat Parelli

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    sorry, yes he is on a weight gain powder twice a day, and just added 1 quart Alfalfa pellets to his feed and he seems to be doing MUCH better, put on about 50 pound in 4 days

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    Try rice bran I have seen it work miriclee I have seen a horse that you could see her ribs to looking good in a few months just change your beet pulp to rice bran and hell look good soon

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    i haven’t found anywhere around here that sells it, how much of it do i use?

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    when all else fails I have used Succeed with great success. It is expensive but worth every penny. my old TB mare inexplicably lost weight despite mine and my vets best efforts. she just wouldn’t eat and literally was skin and bones. I tried everything. she had a smorgasboard of feeds to choose from, teeth were done, hormones, antacids and steroids tried. finally a friend suggested Succeed which I had previously not heard of. I used the syringes as I knew she wouldn’t eat it but it comes in powder also. in two weeks she gained about 200 pounds and I cut her back to one syringe a day. her appetite returned and she had another 2 wonderful years when she died at age 27. She was my horse of a lifetime!

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    Best of Luck Shadow Star! I deal in all OTTB rescues so I’ve walked this road a few times!

    Here’s my 2 cents

    I have the worlds hardest Keeper TB, she’s picky, skinny and can blink off 100 pounds if she’s in the mood.

    Hope this helps you!

    Great Job on pre checking everything!

    when they’re really skinny I add Redcel to their regimin, not sure what in it (Iron/Vitamin supplement) helps but it’s stopped the weight loss on some of my worst rescues.

    1 You can add a source of fat (not weight gainers as they are mostly fluff) only add things 90% fat or higher to make it worth the $. I prefer Cool Calories or even rice bran, but cool calories is cheaper. When we are in winter I add up to 4 scoops per day (tiny scoop) of cool cals. It’s pure vegetable fat so there’s no limit to what you can feed.

    2 You can try another feed, I have a picky eater, everyone said TC complete because it’s so high in fat, but she won’t eat it or any sweet feed. So after trying dozens of feeds! I’m now cheering for Blue Seal Sentiel LS (Green Bag) It’s easy to soak if needed and it’s 12 protien, 12 fat. You can safely feed up to 4 scoops (standrad 3qt scoop) per day in feedings. I generally do 2 scoops twice per day.

    3. You can add a third meal if you have time. Go for an alfalfa pellet + beet pulp meal is a tummy pleaser.

    4. Fiber, I can’t say enough about fiber! Forage first, so either 24 hr grass or at least 24 access to good hay will help. ADM nutrition’s “Forage First” concept was huge to me in college and though I don’t feed their brand of grain the concept sticks, Feed ALL the forage you can then supplement with grain. Which you already do!

    Hope any of that helps!

    I avoid liquid oils because the mare won’t eat them! And I don’t feed molasses or any extra sugars to them. I’m all about low starch low sugar on those OTTB tummies!

    ShadowStar Original Poster
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    thank you all for your information. I have taken him off the weight gain powder and added Alfalfa pellets to his diet and he is back on the gain YAY! and has put on about another 100 pounds in the last week, only about another 200 to go

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