Saddle dye leaking onto saddle pad!

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    I just got a Lettia Coolmax pad (white), which is supposed to absorb sweat from the horses back, but the only problem is that its absorbing the saddle dye! Underneath the saddle flaps, it gets all brown and looks horrible against the white pad. What can I do to stop this from happening?

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    That is not unusual. The best solution is to have dark pads for schooling and save the white pads for showing. If you sew at all, saddle pads are not that hard to make, and that way you can custom fit the pad to your saddle, and if you make them using terry cloth towels for the underside, they absorb the sweat better than anything else I have tried. Look for towels on sale and figure out ahead of time how big the towels need to be. Using towels works better than buying terry cloth by the yard, as the by-the-yard stuff is never as thick as good towels. I have some step by step directions on how to make a pattern from an existing saddle pad and then make your own saddle pads, if you are interested.

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