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Saddle Recommendations?

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    My sister finally got working with her horse again, and we are starting our hunt for a saddle. Sounds great, right??? Wrong. One issue. I ride hunters/equitation, she rides western. So, I basically have no idea of western saddle brands. We are looking for a 14″ Youth All Purpose western saddle. I’m not looking to buy online, just looking for brand recommendations. Thank you!

    G & S
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    Western saddles are actually easier to fit than English saddles. If this is a general purpose saddle, look at used saddles. Many are in excellent condition and very good value for the price. Which saddle will best fit a specific horse depends on the horse’s body shape, and the body shape of the rider, as the saddle still has to fit both. The best way is to try on saddles until you find the right one. Time consuming, of course, but getting the right saddle can be worth the time it takes.

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    Yes, we are looking for used saddles also. Our county throws a huge 4-H tack sale, and 4-H members get to go to a pre-sale the night before, so we plan to look there.

    Thanks for the advice,


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    If purchasing a used saddle, make sure you can return it if it does not fit your horse.

    It is never the horse's fault

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