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    I just sold my dover circuit saddle and I am now looking for a new used one. I really like the older M Toulouse if you have any other saddle recommendations please let me know also if you have any places or websites I should look at.

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    You can find some great buys on used saddles at ebay. Just make sure you can return it if it doesn’t fit.

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    Also make sure that you have a reasonable time to try out the saddle, especially as most of the USA i heading into winter, when you may not be able to ride for several days if a storm comes through unless you have access to an indoor riding arena. Try to ride in the saddle on at least 2 different days, and check the sweat marks and check the horse for soreness when you remove the saddle and the next day.

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    I don’t know what your budget is but if you can swing it get a Voltaire Saddle if your going to be doing any jumping at all. I had a coronary at what I paid for mine! But after having it since August I can tell you honestly it’s amazing!! I condition mine with the Hercules Leather Balsam. Initially it took a lot but now it hardly takes any to condition it. I’d use that with any good leather saddle and tack. I clean and condition mine weekly. That said the Voltaire is super soft so talk rodding for 4 hours is no problem for me or Thunder. Thunder is an OTTB who’s not long off the track and is/was terrified of moving water. Did you know a horse can jump an 8′ wide creek from a standstill? I didn’t come off in that saddle! I have an older Stubben as well. I like it a lot but it’s become my rainy day saddle. Make sure you get a trial period on any used saddle. If buying new get it checked at the time it gets there and a few times after it breaks in as things soften up and form to your horse. Always clean and condition your tack so it doesn’t rub or wear and will conform to your horse. Hope this helps

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    cwds are the bests

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