Saddle Sliding Back?!

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    Hi, I have a Morgan mare who isn’t too narrow or too thick in the withers. Every time I ride, my saddle starts out fine, but no matter how tight I make the girth(even making it a bit too tight) it /never stays and slides back way to far. I have tried fleece girths and I am using now a neoprene no-slip girth that doesn’t help at all. Please help!

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    Its not the girth that is sliding, you need to try a grip saddle pad. that should work.

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    The saddle doesn’t fit correctly. You can try the grippy pad or even a breast collar.

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    i would look into a good breat plate cause i rode a horse like that at camp and thats what the trainers there used. And maybe you might want to look into a costum fit saddle.

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    A breastplate is exactly what you need. You might want to get a no slip saddle pad with that to just to ensure it but even the girth that you have probably will do justice.

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