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    What dressage saddle is best for high withers?

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    Saddles with cutback pommels work best, but saddle fit depends in the width of the tree and the shape of the panel, which needs large gussets in the back, as well as the horse’s back, not just the fact that the withers are high. You need to work with a trained saddle fitter, or even better but harder to find in the US, a qualified saddler. You may need to try several saddles on the horse, and even then, the flocking may need to be adjusted by the saddler/saddle fitter.

    (My husband is a saddler, so I have learned a lot from him about correct saddle fit, and he reviewed this reply to be sure it’s correct.)

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    There are a lot of good brands that work with high withers. There are several tack stores that advertise on line, even though they have actual tack stores, and they will tell you how to do a wither tracing and submit it to any of the stores offering this service. It is best to have a saddle fitter come out, but if that is not an option, these tack stores can help.
    I know that Pelham Saddlery as well as Trumbull Mountain show how to do wither tracings and will offer help over the phone.

    Hope this helps.

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    Yes, I agree with what has been stated, except that GENERALLY people who work in tack shops are not qualified to fit a saddle, not are trainers. There is much more to it than wither fit. Get a saddle fitter to help-it is worth it. I am a saddle fitter so I have seen first hand what a poor saddle fit does. I know an equine massage therapist that tells me 90% of her work is because of poor saddle fit. Pay a fitter or pay a vet., or other therapist. There I said it and I glad! Happy riding to all!!

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    Stubben saddles are known to fit high withered thoroughbreds well but the panels can have too much rock in the (like a banana) for some horses with flatter backs.

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