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    Hello, I have a 8 yo Holsteiner mare who 3 days after she arrived in FL from CA was discovered to have an aggressive fibroblastic sarcoid between her back legs. It was devastating to find and not disclosed to me by the CA veterinarians prepurchase exam. Anyhow, it has been a struggle since but she is worth the fight. I had surgery done- they removed “95%” of it but since it wrapped around a blood vessel they could not resect all of it. After it healed (a long process), it ended up growing back and bigger. I then tried Equistim injections in the mass (an immune modulator from what the vet was describing) but this did not improve it either. I then tried Aldera cream. This was tough to use because of the placement (all skin was raw between her legs despite several barrier protectors). It was quite painful for her. The Aldera did shrink the sarcoid but it is still present and there is a new one threatening to grow between her nipples. I have heard of using the herb/spice Tumeric as a possible treatment/supplement but this seems a little hokey… so I wanted to reach out to others to see if they have had any success with any other treatments or even where is the best place in the US to take her to for this issue? I cannot imagine my life without her and my little mare’s comfort, health, and happiness is my top priority regardless of cost. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read this.


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    There are a bunch of possible treatments for sarcoids, partly because there isn’t any one thing that works well. It’s unfortunate and frustrating but stick with your veterinarian. If your veterinarian doesn’t have any more ideas then ask for a referral to a veterinary school or see a surgery specialist. Equistim worked great for a horse that I had, but it doesn’t work for everyone. Some treatments have to be done more than once. The tumeric definitely seems hokey.
    Good luck!

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