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    I have a 2 year old gelding that apparently had scratches when I bought him. I thought it was just dry skin, but after two weeks it hadn’t cleared up any. I asked one of the instructors and she said it was scratches…we put fungasol on it for three days, and I used MTG for two weeks….it looked much better, but I’ve been leaving them be for a week and they look bad again….what do you do to get RID of scratches, with what product and for how long?


    Peggy Peggy
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    It can be caused by a couple of different things so it may be best to get a vet involved to find the right products to use. Basically, it’s wash gently (don’t scrub, don’t actively try to remove scabs) with a gentle soap like Ivory, rinse, dry thoroughly, apply topical product (I use a concoction that my vet makes) and then wrap over the area in a manner that will keep in clean. I am currently going through this with my 4 y.o. and we also have him on antibiotics. If the leg starts to swell definitely call the vet.

    Good luck!

    jmc jmc
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    Talk to your vet. It might not be scratches if it’s not clearing up, it might be an allergic reaction or reaction to a toxic plant.

    I’m going through this now with my horse – on occasion his pasterns swell up and he gets crusties that are not quite like scratches. One of my vets prescribes Dex in his feed, but the other prescribed Otomax (which is an opthalamic treatment for dogs, has a number of drugs in it), rubbed in once a day, which worked just as well as the Dex.

    Seeing just the other day he swelled up in front of his sheath this time, and the otomax still worked… I suspect there’s a not very common plant in his field that either he’s allergic to, or that’s toxic, and causes problems when he touches it. So far, I’ve not been able to find the culprit.

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    Thanks for both suggestions. Vet is being scheduled soon for fall shots, and I’ll have him take a look then. I have never noticed swelling at all, and it’s not going way up his pasterns, its right around his cornary band, mostly towards his heels. He does have 24/7 access to a paddock attached to his stall, and he tends to go outside at night, which I guess could cause the dampness to happen because of dew, and when it pours rain, the entrance to his stall gets ankle deep in mud.

    NinaJD NinaJD
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    We used this stuff that the vet gave us. It’s a blue scrub. You can buy it in the stores and it’s really expensive.
    So we would wash the foot off with this and warm water and then put desitin on it. We did this everyday for a week.
    Then we stopped scrubbing it and would just put desitin on it every other day for another week.
    That seemed to do the trick and it didn’t come back.

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    Wash gently with a chlorhexidine shampoo (Hibiclens…sp? can be purchased over the counter in the human wound care section of the store) and let it sit for about 10 mins. Rinse, dry completely (hair dryer on low works well for me), and cover with Desitin. Can be covered with gauze and vetwrap to keep dry/clean. This worked wonders to clear up bad scratches on my horse. I did not have any luck with other topical ointments. As others said, definitely have your vet confirm what you are dealing with.

    wyoenglishrider wyoenglishrider
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    My mare had BAD scratches 2 years ago…after trying MTG, Chlorhexidine, Desitin, even some concoction I got from the vet, I couldn’t get rid of them. She had no swelling up her leg, just in the pastern & scabby yuckiness. I finally tried Equifit Silver Clean Balm from SmartPak–not cheap, & the small tin only lasted 4 days-BUT, it worked & got rid of the scratches. Now I have a bottle of Equifit Silver Maint. Clean Wash on hand—& if she starts to get them, I just wash them with this for a day or so, & they don’t turn into anything more. It’s great on other cuts as well. I did use Desitin after the wash to keep it protected, & that seems to work well.

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    My horse has had chronic scratches for years and I have finally found something that works great! It’s EQyss Mirco-Tek medicated shampoo and spray. You can buy it from Smartpak.

    FadingTwilight FadingTwilight
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    Ditto check with your vet. There are so many different ways to treat scratches. I worked with a Fresian who has chronic scratches. We went through a bunch of different treatments trying to get on top of it..


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    As the owner of a feathered breed, I think I can help you. First, as has been suggested, check with your vet.

    In the interim, wash DAILY with Hibiclens (medical wash); towel dry, and apply a silver sulfadiazine ointment. Wrap overnight.

    Alternate treatment: combine powdered (food grade – available inexpensively on Amazon) sulfur with pure mineral oil. The mixture should be the consistency of oatmeal. WEAR GLOVES and apply the mixture to the affected area. DO NOT WASH OR BRUSH OUT – it will look and smell awful. After 2-3 days, the dried treatment will have crumbled and fallen off. Sulfur is antibacterial and the oil provides adherence. **Note: this formula also works as a bi-weekly preventative for feathered horses and will help bleach feathers white***.

    Finally – clip the area as short as possible to allow the treatments to penetrate and, importantly, to allow the area to be as dry as possible.

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    Living in FL.I see all kinds of skin problems.Then a friend of mine told me about a wonderful company called For The Love of The Horse.It is a group of vets that custom blend Chinese herbs for all kinds of health issues.They are wonderful to work with and I have been using many of their products.Right now two of my FL. Cracker Ponies are being treated with their blends with great success.Contact them and talk to them about your problem.I think you will find the support you are looking for….

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    I had the exact same situation with my Paint in same place: at the heels. I too thought it was scratches, but MTG did not touch it. I finally tried Vertimycin gel: it is WAY expensive $36 for a small bottle, but it works. Within 3 days it was 90% gone! It took another week, 3 times a day, to get rid of it altogether. That was two months ago and it has not returned. I purchased the gel due to the location of the scabs (heel); it stuck really well. You can use it for everything; i even used it on myself for a few big scratches from an unyielding picker bush!!

    Enjoy your ride,

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    PS that is Vetericyn I used. Sorry for the misspelling on my first reply!

    Enjoy your ride,

    PiaffeNPassage PiaffeNPassage
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    Mix up a huge concoction of cortizone, triple antibiotic, destin, athletes foot cream….

    SlATHER it on, like a really good slather. Keep the area clean and dry.

    If it doesn’t clear up, get your vet involved!

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    Noxx Noxx
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    My horse has had scratches for 2 years, even with vet intervention. I bought him with them, and I have gotten them down to these 3 ‘scabs’ that I can’t seem to get rid of. Though I’ve had amazing luck with Fungasol Cream. Smear it on, let it sit overnight, reapply it next day (without washing the leg), then on the 2nd day I wash the leg and the scratches scabs come off easier. I put normal Tri-Care Wound Treatment on the sensitive scabless skin. You have to be super consistent with it to make sure the scabs don’t come back, I’ve never been able to get 100% fully rid of them. But I went from legs covered in them, to just a few. Hope this helped! Good luck!

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