"Scurf" on horses with white legs?

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    I have a chestnut gelding with 4 white stockings. he gets what my vet calls ‘Scurf’.
    it’s white and bumpy, and when it gets really bad forms these scabs.
    he gets it on the front and back of the middle of his cannon bones and usually flares up after a show/ when he has to be standing wrapped a lot. wrapping makes it worse.
    I have to keep his legs clipped and wash his legs every day.
    have any of you ever had this problem? I’ve only ever seen it on horses with white stockings/pink skin.
    what is it? fungus , bacteria?
    If scabs form I have to pick off the scabs/skin so the air can get to it … only way it gets better.
    any suggestions? antibiotics ? I’m not sure

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    Sounds like scratches.
    Most horses get it from their hair on their feet getting moist and not being able to dry out. It’s a type of bacteria.
    Desitin works well and there is a medicated scrub you can get from your vet and sometimes you can find it in a store(most people call it blue scrub. It’s pretty pricey. I want to say I paid $40 for 16oz.)

    So what you do is wash it really well with this scrub and warm water. Pat it dry and then apply the desitin. The desitin helps keep it dry and the scabs moist(and easy to rub off). you do this everyday. Do not wrap his feet.

    It’s a pain in the butt and does take a while to get rid of. Keeping him trimmed will help.

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