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    I live in NE Indiana and recently got my own horses who live at home. I am without a vet. Does anyone know of a website that has vet reviews or have recommendations for vets in my area? I would prefer one who makes barn calls, but if a very good vet only does haul in, that is fine also. So far I haven’t had a medical emergency, but I need a vet just in case. Plus when show season starts up next year, they will need coggins and shots. Any and all help is appreciated. Thanks.

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    I would recommend checking the website for a list of equine veterinarians in the area. You can also check the website for a list of vets in the area. If you have a small animal vet, they may be able to point you in the right direction.

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    Thanks! Found some that are fairly close, but still far enough away that a barn visit would be way expensive. But it has given me some places to call and find out.

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    If you have a SmartPhone, you are a prime candidate to own an app called “Horse Side Vet Guide”. It was created by a horse vet in Santa Fe, NM, Doug Thal (my vet, who lives in walking distance from my barn) and is ideal for someone like you. It costs only $4.99 and all the information downloads to your SmartPhone so you don’t need cell service or an internet link to use it. Regular updates are available for free and you can use it standing right next to your horse (hence the name “Horse Side”) It has 5-star rating and is used worldwide. Check it out on Facebook at “”; buy it from the Apple App Store. You won’t be sorry and you will be more at ease about not having a vet right next door like I do.

    The horse is like a bridge between the spirit world and our material world.

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    Talk with the folks that sold you the horses or other horse people in your area. Is there a boarding stable near where you live? Usually locals are the best source for information.

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    I use south Milford vet clinic,very knowledgeable husband and wife team they will come to you or you can trailer there,if you need a ride let me know if you within my area of Avilla indiana

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    I did a search for “Indiana equine hospital” and got bunch of results (on bing…didnt try google but that would prob be just as good)

    doing a search for indiana large animal hospital might work too.

    our local horse council has a booklet that they put out each year that lists providers of all kinds of horse things (including vets)

    try your ag extension office (usually one per county)

    try calling and asking local small animal vets

    ask your farrier

    here is the link for teh find-a-vet page from the indiana vet medical assoc

    good luck-might wanna interview different vets BEFORE you have a major problem! dont want to have them out for an emergency and find out they are incompetent or a jerk…

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    I found two that are close and that I am looking into using. Thanks for all the advice!

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