Selenium? AH how do you know how much you're giving

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    I’ve been thinking about putting my boys on a mineral/vitamin supplement and as I’ve done some research selenium has come up.
    How do you know how much is too much? They currently get Triple Crown senior, which has it as well, but doesn’t tell you how much it equals to.
    I was looking at Purina’s mineral supplement and it tells you that the 2 oz of supplement equals 0.3 ppm, which they say to not exceed.

    They don’t get the full 5lbs of senior, maybe a pound a day with oats, biotin and omega horseshine. They currently aren’t on pasture, so are only getting grass hay. Which is why I was thinking of putting them on something. Their coats look ok, just not as nice as they were last year when they were on pasture and getting the same grain rations. They have been wormed and vaccinated.

    Anyone know of any other mineral supplement that has low selenium or is the triple crown low enough that I don’t really need to worry about it if I was to give them purina’s mineral?

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