Senior easy keeper?

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    I’m used to my older horses being tough to keep weight on. I recently acquired a 25 year old paint that is exactly the opposite! Any tips and tricks to keep him fit and trim? No joint issues or stiffness, so that’s not a concern. His previous owner suggested senior feed to keep his weight down, but I’ve always used that to get horses to gain weight!

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    I have a senior easy keeper too. She is a 23 year old Morgan Mare. I feed her Nutrena Special Care. It is made for easy keepers. I also give her SmartPak Leg Up Metabolic Pellets and SmartFlex Senior Pellets as a preventive to keep her joints free. She has never shown any joint issues but I want to keep it that way. The Leg Up is to keep easy keepers trim. It seems to be working well.

    You are correct senior feed is designed to keep weight on horses. I did feed it to my mare when I first got her. She was a rescue and 300 pounds under weight. My vet and a nutritionist from Nutrena suggested this to put weight on then transition to another feed once the weight was back. I hope this helps.

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