Should I buy a second horse?

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    I currently have one horse who was my Hunter project, but this summer he became lame. The vet took x-rays of his feet and confirmed there is remodeling in his navicular bone. We are currently still working on getting him sound and happy, but I no longer want him jumping so he can have a long career in dressage. I can never imagine selling him, but I feel like soundness will be a reoccurring factor. The last thing I want to do is push him if he’s a little off and risk causing more damage.

    This leads me into a possible second horse who will be my new hunter prospect. Financially, I am able to make it work (supplemens, shoes, board, training, and therapy for both), and each horse could be worked 4-5 times a week besides the rare weeks I would travel for work. The concern is, I’m still paying off student loans and my car and I know the financially smart thing to do is pay that off aggressively and save. Do I go with my crazy horse lady desire and buy now, or should I hold off until I’m completely debt free?

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