Should I lease or Buy?

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    Hi Everyone! I’m new to the forums! I didn’t really know where to put this, so sorry!!! Anyways, I have been riding for over 2 years now, I know the parts of a horse, I know sicknesses, and all that. I am a hunter jumper, and I’ve shown a few times. I’m looking at a horse atm, that is a lease OR buy situation, I’ve fallen in love with him, and I don’t know what to do! I have a safe boarding facility 20 minutes away from me as well. Sorry the pic is blurry!

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    Another forum member asked almost the identical question in the “Misc. Horse & Health” forum. I think you will find a lot of good info and ideas there.

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    I know you’re in a quandary avout commuting to this horse, so seeing from my perspective may help. I ride horses about 4 times a week. There are twelve different horses who I ride, each special and unique. I decided one year to buy a horse. Of course, I bought the one with most training. BIG MISTAKE. You grow your riding skills, by riding different horses. After I sold him,I leased a horse. This was so much better, because I could lease the horse, devote my time, but still be able to change horses if necessary. If the horse you are talking about is truly your soul mate, but still can grow and conform to your needs, buy him. If he is flexible, but can only go so far in your specific riding career, lease him. Take my word for it, your gut will
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    I personally think it’s always good to lease first, just to get a taste of what it’s like to take care of a horse. I leased my horse for 6 months and actually ended up buying her. The good thing about a lease is if you decide that the horse isn’t a good match for you then a lease is temporary, or if you decide this horse is the perfect horse and will take you as far as he can then buying is god as well. If this is your first horse owning experience then a lease is always a good idea.

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    Personally, I would lease first. Being as you have only been riding for two years, you may want to switch disciplines or stop completely. Either way as you mature as a rider you will begin to need a more mature horse. I recently purchased my first horse (about 11 months ago now) and it was the best decision of my life! He has taught me so much and it is great learning so many things from your horse and understanding what that horse is like in all situations!
    (Also, it is a huge step from riding lesson horses/ponies to buying your own. So either way I recommend leasing a horse first to see if that is what you really want. They are a lot of work and time! I know everyone says that but it’s completely true! I have been riding since I was 3 and leased countless horses, however there is such a huge difference even between leasing and buying, but leasing is that step you need.)

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    I leased for about 3 months prior to buying my horse–at first it started as a ‘I’m going to train and sell him’ type of situation, but I realized how much I still have to grow as a rider and how much he can teach me as we learn together. Leasing first is probably your best option, and then if you are comfortable with the horse and feel that you have found a good long-term partner, go ahead with the purchase.

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