SI Ligament Sore

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    Hi Everyone. My mare is 11 years old and has soreness in her back(mainly SI area). She has been lame for about 3 years now, but has always worked out of it. She is usually off on her right hind. I had the vet come out and he determined it was her SI being sore and that it was probably a muscle thing, and told me to put her on Previcox…that was it. She was on previcox for about 3 weeks and showed improvement, but once we took her off of it her lameness appeared again. I am suspicious that its either her stifle or hock, but the fact that she warms up out of the lameness makes me re-evaluate the vets diagnosis. I do dressage with her, and we do light arena rides. Before every ride we do carrot stretches both ways, and between her two front legs. I also have been massaging her back with a tennis ball to try and loosen up her back more. She wears a Back on Track mesh sheet at night, and before rides. My saddle does need adjusting, but for now I am using an ultra thinline halfpad, and a back on track dressage pad. I will also mention that when she is standing square her right hip is slightly higher than her left (Vet pointed this out to me). Any advice or help would be much appreciated! Right now I am considering putting her on Smartflex rehab to see if that helps ( She is currently on Absorbine Flex Max), but I am out of ideas. I can post pics as well, just say the word! 😀

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