Single Jointed vs Double Jointed Bits

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    Looking for help in the bit department…
    I am looking to purchase a happy mouth 3 ring elevator bit. I think I want to purchase a double jointed because I heard they are softer than the single jointed but I am looking for other opinions/facts on the similarities and differences. Anyone have any experience with either?

    My 1.20 jumper currently goes in a (unjointed/straight) happy mouth loose ring, but he he and I both need a elevator to better do out jobs. I am looking for the kindest of them possible.

    Any help would be amazing.

    Thank you!

    Joan Fry
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    I’m not familiar with the brand–are these plastic bits? I’m also not that familiar with jumpers, but here goes. I know a lot of English trainers who like to start colts with a similar bit out of metal that has a double joint instead of a single joint. I’ve also seen similar bits sold as “French links.” Because of the second “joint,” both kinds are some of the mildest bits you can put on a horse.

    Hope this helps!

    Joe-Joe Joe-Joe
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    I have used both types, although my horse doesn’t like the Happy Mouth bits. I find that the French link is a more gentle bit than the traditional nutcracker effect single joint, and would recommend that. Just got a very nice bit from Smartpak, a Neuw Schule (spelling?), and he loves it. So far, it is the only bit he has not spent most of his time trying to spit out. He is very picky, and spoiled to death, so it is nice that he finally approves of something that isn’t food.

    If your horse tends to play with or chew at the bit, the Happy Mouth can develop sharp edges or rough spots.

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    It is never the horse's fault

    Joan Fry
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    Joe-Joe, your last comment is why all of my snaffles have a copper mouthpiece. All my horses love chewing the bit. I think even my French link has a copper mouthpiece–I’m not at home so I can’t check.

    BTW, the other bit I couldn’t remember the name of earlier is a Dr. Bristol. This is the one traditionally used on young horses because the central link is positioned to lie flat on the tongue.

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