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    I have a 4yo OTTB who is as sweet as they come and the very first thing I fell in love with was her kind eye. Honestly she wouldn’t hurt a fly unless it got in her way of one of her temper tantrums. She is very skittish and spooky not to mention looks for things to scare herself. She has a bit of ADHD to say the least and can be very inattentive and thats when she will get spooked. I have done quite a bit of ground work and desensitization stuff with her which has helped,she has gone on trails, and has gotten a bit calmer especially on cross ties but still very very skittish and nervous a lot of the time and when she gets nervous she will jump, rear, and or buck unless i’m on her then she just jumps and takes off. Its because of this that we have had to go back to cross tie re-training. Once she is spooked it is very hard to regain her focus back on me to help calm her down. A part of me isn’t sure if part of it is due to still being so young, due to her past life, or due to settling into our new barn.

    My question here is would a calming supplement (short term) help her relax? I have heard great things about the Smartcalm Ultra, has anyone else had good luck, bad luck, or used anything else? Any other suggestions are very appreciated.

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    I compete my horse, a 15 year old Connemara/Thoroughbred on SmartCalm Ultra. It really seems to work. Once starting the supplement it does take time to start to see differences in your horse. It took my horse about 4 weeks before noticing a difference. The pellets are nice for picky eaters because they seem to enjoy them.

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    I think it works great. Have a mare that is flighty even in the pasture & so busy looking for scary objects she wouldn’t focus. On these pellets she’s more focused, much less spooky & even the farrier has commented on how much better she acts. I recommend pellets, have tried other smartpak powders & non of my horses will eat it.

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