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SmartFlex III Alternatives?

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  • tjedhorsegirl Original Poster tjedhorsegirl
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    Hey everyone!! I have a 14 yr old reiner that has really bad arthritis in her hocks. I have had her on Smart Flex III for the past month and it seems to help a little bit(she is also on Previcox for pain though) but the cost is just eating me alive. So I was just wondering if anyone has used lower cost options but gotten the same or nearly the same results?

    NinaJD NinaJD
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    I have used homeopathic for my horse who also has severe arthritis in pretty much all his joints, has ring bone and bone spurs.
    I had him on smartflex rehab in the winters and then on the smartflex senior in the summer. Plus his daily previcox. I know your pain! It gets pricey.

    We did a year of homeopathic. After 6 months I took him off the smartflex and about 8-9 months into it he was off the previcox. Now he gets 3/4 of a previcox if he’s really stiff, but it’s pretty rare, maybe once every 2-3 months.

    I had him on 3 different remedies and it cost me…maybe $30 for the pills and I only had to get them twice. Plus distilled water, which is like $2 and then your syringes, which are .89 cents each. and then your containers. The only thing with the homeopathic is it can be time consuming. We had to wait 15-20 minutes between each dose and then 15 minutes more before he could eat or drink anything.

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    TWH Girl TWH Girl
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    It’s not cheap to manage athritis, that is for sure! I would try Smartflex Senior and then a topical such as Surpass as well. Otherwise, you can try a basic joint supplement such as Cosequin, and add in BL Pellets or something to add herbal anti-inflammatories- but just be careful since she is already on Previcox. There are a bunch of combos you can make up yourself in Smartpaks so it may take some experimenting to see what works and is affordable.

    If oral supplements fail to provide adequate relief, it may be time to add an injectable to the treatment plan such as Legend, Adequan, Pent Aussie, Pentosan or Polyglycan. Each one is a bit different, some are IM and some are IV so it may be worthwhile to ask your vet if those are an option.

    Has the mare ever had her hocks injected? It may be time to consider that possibility as well, much as we don’t want to. I am facing the same myself and it’s not easy on the pocketbook.

    TWH Girl TWH Girl
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    BTW, if that is her in the picture, she is a beauty!!!

    tjedhorsegirl Original Poster tjedhorsegirl
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    Thanks for the ideas!! I have thought about injectable supplements but my vet doesn’t want to do that because he does not think they will work that great.
    I have been using just Bigel Oil before I work her or ride anything and that helps a lot so surpass is a good idea since it will probably work even better.
    I have been looking at Absorine Flex+Max because it has really high levels of what I want and it’s at least a little bit cheaper. Has anyone used it. Any other supplement sugestions?

    Thanks you guys!! :)

    P.S No that’s not her in the pic, that is one of my babies but thank you anyway :)

    TWH Girl TWH Girl
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    I have used Abosorbine Flex Max and found it to be a good product but a bit low on MSM…guess which supplement I keep coming back to?? Smartflex III :)

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    Actiflex 4000 + MSM. Youll get the most bang for your buck!

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    TWH Girl TWH Girl
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    I have heard a lot of good about Actiflex 4000. It’s only liquid or powder and Smartpak does not carry. So many supplements and only so much $$…

    tjedhorsegirl Original Poster tjedhorsegirl
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    I will have to look into that. Thanks!!

    And TWH Girl, I totally feel ya!!

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    I have used Actiflex 4000 but am now using Smartflex Senior Herb Free on both my older horses and it is working great. They also get the 7 shot series of Adequan every 6 months and that has made a huge difference. Have also had very good luck with the 3 shot series of Legend.

    Liz Liz
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    I have been using Absorbine Flex+Max for a few years on my miniature gelding (he’s got problems with his stifles). I have had great results with that product and would recommend it.

    I did give SmartFlex III a try, but unfortunately I own the pickiest of picky eaters on the planet and he wouldn’t touch it so I never did get to see any results with it… (he would eat around it no matter what I mixed it with!)

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    My old vet worked at the racetrack. I owned an old appy mare at the time and she had pretty bad arthritis in her back legs. He had me give her 10,000 mg of MSM a day, and run cold water on her legs for 20 minutes before I rode her, and for 20 minutes when I was done. It did miracles for her. There is a product called Aniflex that works very well on my senior horses and doesn’t break the bank. I wish SmartPak would carry it.

    tjedhorsegirl Original Poster tjedhorsegirl
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    Thanks so much everyone for the ideas!! I have some in-store SmartPak credit, so I just ordered a month’s worth of Absorine Flex+Max. I will look into buying the Actiflex 4000 after that.

    Thanks :)

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