Snake bite on pastern-?

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    Hi all—I noticed today that my mare wasn’t walking quite right; not off or lame, but picking up her R leg higher than her left. I put fly boots on her Tuesday afternoon & when I went out to see what the issue was & pulled off the boot, I saw some dried blood, swelling around the pastern & what I at 1st thought were puncture wounds. She hasn’t been turned out since Tuesday & I didn’t notice anything that evening when I put the boots on. I was going to take her to the vet this afternoon, but had a flat tire on the trailer with no one available to help me change it. So, tomorrow morning I am taking her in.
    Now I am wondering if this could be a snake bite–the “holes” are one above the other, not side by side, but I wonder if anyone has dealt with snake bites on the legs? Do they take a day or two to “fester” & this is why I didn’t notice it Tuesday or yesterday? She is very bright & I gave her some Bute tonight….nothing I can do until tomorrow, but just thought I would see if anyone had any experience with snake bites. Thanks!

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    I’d expect a snake bite to be four holes.

    It is never the horse's fault

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