Some horse facts!!!!

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    When a horse does something wrong you should punish him/her so he or she knowns it’s not right.Now when a horse does something wrong you only have 4 seconds until they forget what they did.When traing a your horse to be trafic safe you want to start out with a car that isn’t loud,then when the horse gets used to it move on to something like a jeep,after that maybe for forweeler,and if you have a long or medium drive way walk the horse down the driveway while one car oes past one by one witch ever one her or she spook on the most is the one you’ll need to work on.Now this a couple day prosscess so don’t be in a huryy to get it done in one day.

    !god's always lookin down on his cowgirls/boys!....HORSETUCKER

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    Good advice! Thank you!!

    Keep an eye on your spelling : )

    Sure there's right and wrong but mostly there's just a whole lotta different.

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    When I bought my noble stall fronts and dividers the lady at Noble told me that their prices are the same no matter where you buy them. horse feeders All distributors are given a price list and it’s uniform throughout. I have seen them on sale on occasion however. And, don’t forget if you buy them in Oregon there’s no sales tax

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