sores on her belly/ girth area

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    My mare seems to get a couple of sores where
    her girth is; So I have not rode her this summer.
    these go away in the winter. I live in South East Idaho
    so no flies in winter.
    I tried diaper rash cream but didn’t keep flies off.
    Something keeps opening it at night.
    I also have used a spray to help healing, that works on healing to a point.
    When I do ride; Bareback only. Any ideas on what to use to keep flies & such off? I have used a lot of sprays before….
    Thanks ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    Swat will keep the flies off of it. AluShield is also great.

    Invest in a girth with real sheepskin, or at least a sheepskin girth cover. That is going to be the least likely to cause rubs.

    Are you sure it isn’t sweet itch or something?

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    FadingTwilight FadingTwilight
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    I agree, get a girth cover, or find a new girth. What kind of girth do you currently have?


    NinaJD NinaJD
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    I live in Idaho as well and my horses have gotten this spot as well.
    Do you have no see ums in your pasture? They’re little flying bugs that are blood suckers. They cause some itching. If your horse gets lines of bites across her chest, you have them.
    If you flood irrigate, you probably have them. They’re annoying and I have only found 1 spray that will repel and kill on contact. It’s by Farnam, and it’s in a blue bottle….spray and wipe.
    What I do is clean it up, and put swat on it.
    It doesn’t bother them, that I’ve noticed. I’ve ridden and the girth doesn’t seem to make it worse or anything.

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    vickie Original Poster vickie
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    I have heard of sweet itch before, that is one of the reasons
    I have not put a saddle on her until I find something to get rid of
    this. I ride a Australian saddle & the girth that came with it was a
    very harsh material ( almost like burlap ).
    I rode a few times but I didn’t like how it felt on my hands.
    She didn’t have sores then. It was after I hadn’t rode for a spell
    I found the sores starting to appear.
    That is when I thought I should cover the girth; Did but seemed to
    bother her just the same.
    Then I thought next Spring I should try a neoprene girth.
    I really like reading all of your help.
    I need it ๐Ÿ™‚ Because she is my 2nd horse. My 1st horse we had no problems
    in Palm Springs, Ca. with stuff like that.

    vickie Original Poster vickie
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    The sores do bleed at times; that is when I use (vetercyn) on them to
    at least keep clean.
    No lines on chest & none of the other horses get it. We have 3.
    I just have not been able to ride this year because of health.
    But I am going to try & do some next yr.
    I hope I can clear this up by then
    Thanks keep the hints & ideas coming ’cause I will use them if I
    have to.

    analise analise
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    I would not use a neoprene girth, but then…my horse seems to get rubs from them so I’ve got mine covered.

    I also got into the habit last year of putting liniment there after every ride. I don’t know if it helped or not but it made me feel better. ๐Ÿ™‚

    But like others said, if you want to keep the bugs off it…swat is going to be your best bet.

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