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    My new horse has the most sensitive skin EVER. He came to me with minor spur rubs on both sides, and they’ve never fully gone away. They get aggravated by my boots alone (I almost never wear spurs), and I can’t make it stop. I’ve tried giving him a week+ off to see if the skin will heal enough to stop opening up, but it never does. Has anyone had success healing stubborn spur rubs? I feel like everyone is going to think I abuse my poor horse 🙁

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    Perhaps give him more time off. If they are opening up easily, I would put some red scarlet oil on them.(this helped my horse when he would reopen an old wound on his leg. It helped heal it up quickly)
    Other then that, I can’t tell you anything.
    I have a thin skinned horse who is ALWAYS cutting himself. I put him on omega 3 horseshine and that seems to help him heal up a little faster. But not as fast as I’d like haha.

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    It sounds like he needs more time to heal than you’ve given him. I might also try wrapping your boot in something soft if you want to ride in the meantime… You could get an XL pair of those thick fuzzy socks and cut off the toes so it covers all but the ball of your foot so you can still have your boot in the stirrup (with traction). I would also put him on a skin/coat supplement but it will take time to see that work.

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