Stall to Pasture?

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    Due to financial reasons, I’ve been considering moving my horse from regular board to pasture board for a month or two. Right now he goes out 6-7 hours a day, and comes in at night and is always fed inside. He’s a wimp and will let other horses eat his food, so that’s my main concern with putting him out to pasture with the other horses (but they may be able to feed him inside anyway). He’s also sensitive, and I’m worried he’s going to work himself up if he’s left out after dark, even with other horses. I may be unnecessarily concerned, but any ideas on transitioning him from stall life to pasture life? Thanks!!!

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    If he’s on pasture, why is he being fed? Typically while on pasture they don’t need hay, unless he’s being heavily worked, he may need the extra protein.

    How is the fencing? How is he with this group of horses? If the fencing is safe and he gets along with the herd, just leave him out there. I’m sure he’ll be fine.
    He might pace the fence because he’s used to coming in at night, but once he gets over that he’s not coming in, he’ll go back to grazing. You can also see if where you board now, would be willing to put him out for his pasture time at night, so you can see how he does.

    They adjust fast and he’ll be happy to be out in pasture all the time to run and play at his whim.

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    He’s a very hard keeper and in moderate-heavy work, so he does need the additional grain. Fencing and horse friends are all good, it is at the same place he is currently (they offer full and pasture board which is nice). I was trying to see if I could avoid the fence pacing, but I guess you’re right, he’ll figure it out eventually. I think we’ll gradually start leaving him out later, that was the barn’s suggestion. Thank you! I’m sure he will be happy out there.

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