Static Electricity shocks

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    Help! Anybody have any ideas on how to stop those shocks that happen when putting on /taking off blankets? I have a very sensitive little guy who is loosing his mind over this .
    Thank you

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    Hey Abby,
    I don’t know if this will work or not but it might be worth a try. Water seems to take static out. Maybe rubbing some along the sides of the blanket would help. Maybe even on the inside a bit! I really hope this helps!! Good luck. Kylie

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    ashleybrooke ashleybrooke
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    Dryer sheets work great!

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    Try wetting your hands first.

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    I found that if I wear my 10 Below gloves (SmartPak) (or any glove that has leather or rubber on it) when removing the blankets, there is less chance of shock – I put my gloved hand underneath the blanket at the shoulder and continue to place my hand on the horse where I am folding the blanket back helps. Hope this works for you. I seem to be electrified so wearing gloves works for me.


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    i used to use dryer sheets (rub them all over your horses body), but now i use showsheen coat spray and that seems anti-static….i let it dry before putting a coat on thought…would be miserable to be wet under there!

    keep warm!

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    Bounce dryer sheets, also don’t slide the blanket over his coat, instead, fold it in thirds while on him and lift it off.
    Spray static guard over blanket (inside) and let it dry before putting on your horse.

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