Stolen saddle

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    An ex-friend wanted to buy my saddle. She couldn’t pay in full so I allowed her payments. Each payment was going to be 1/5th of the total price. I received one payment, never any more. I asked about this and she told me that she sold the saddle. I asked for the money from the sale and she said she didn’t have it.

    Sticky situation.

    I have alerted every used saddle website that if they come across a Butet saddle with these ID#s: 11S 64 06, then please know the saddle is stolen.

    Insurance won’t cover it because I allowed her more than a year to pay me off. If it happened w/i the same year as I reported it I could have collected but I was being kind to this ex-friend.

    Same person and I partially owned a horse. She sold it and never gave me my share of the sale. What now?

    Please don’t just answer with “you shouldn’t have this and you shouldn’t have that.” I need real legal help. I know I shouldn’t have trusted her.

    What do I do now?

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    “…I need real legal help”. I think you answered your query here. Contact a lawyer familiar with equine issues. Sorry you are in this situation. I hope it resolves!

    Sure there's right and wrong but mostly there's just a whole lotta different.

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    It’s your saddle so what I would do is ask again firmly and if she answers with that just call the police because that is stealing.

    When Pigs Fly, Sweeter_than_Sugar777

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