Stormy Winter weather in Ireland

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    I am trying to get my horse back into fitness but it could not be worse timing. The weather is very stormy with strong winds and rain, and as we only have an outdoor arena at the yard it makes it very difficult to get out and ride. I don’t want my horse getting restless and even more out of shape. What can I do?

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    You can do things in the barn, if there is sufficient space. Stretching, massage, strapping, games, etc. Might not be much help with physical fitness, but will be good for his mental fitness. You could even jog him in hand inside.

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    If there is turnout fields or paddocks, you could bundle the horse in a T/O and let him exercise himself. You do have one of the world’s premier blanket makers in Ireland, and I have a vague recollection of reading on a discussion website once a while back that Horesware Ireland sells their less than perfect T/O’s at a discount from a store connected to the factory. But they don’t ship, so you have to go to the factory, and there is no guarantee that the size you need would be available.

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