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Strange tooth question

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    I have an Arabian (Polish), with a tattoo. With a lot of perseverance, the AHA tracked it to a 21 year old retired racer – the markings all match and the last registered owner swears it is the same horse. There are many personality quirks that also match – too many to be a coincidence. Problem is, both my vet and dentist insist the horse is no more than 13. Could they both be wrong? I am rather vague about horse dentistry, and most of what they said went right over my head. He came from a sale lot, and tracking any owners between the one I found and the sale has been fruitless.

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    NinaJD NinaJD
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    Interesting! I’ve never heard of a vet and dentist being wrong.
    With my new boy they gave me an estimated age of 8-10.
    the only way would be if the tattoo is being read wrong?

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    Joe-Joe Original Poster Joe-Joe
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    There is one “iffy” number in the tattoo, but we have searched all possible combinations, and this is the only horse that is the right gender and color pattern. He has also been identified (pictures) by his last registered owner, and has all the same habits and personality quirks. I have heard of both vets and dentists being wrong, but not by this many years. It’s a puzzlement. Arabians are tattooed with the last six digits of their registration numbers, so there are no confusing letters to deal with, and I am subscribed to their database. Therefore, I don’t have to rely on what someone else is telling me about the numbers.

    Thank you for your reply.

    It is never the horse's fault

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