Suggestions? Pink Nosed Horse HATES long fly mask

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    My pink nosed paint gets sunburned on his nose, I have tried sunscreen, which doesn’t last long enough (I’m only able to get to the barn in the evenings). I got him one of the long crusader fly masks, but he absolutely hates it, and acts like he’s suffocating if I put it on (he coughs, blows his nose, makes horrible noises and tries to take it off). I’ve never had a horse react to a long fly mask this way before.

    Any other suggestions on keeping his nose burn-free?

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    Some people say desitine works better and lasts longer. So if you’re out in the evenings, you should be ok. I haven’t tried it, since the sunscreen i use has been working.

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    I have a horse with a pink noes I put unscented lotion like aveeno natural on his nose and he keeps a un-sun burnt nose.

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    If I was a horse I would hate a long fly mask on my face too.

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    Of course its winter now but maybe this will help for next year. My horse will only wear a fly mask without ears otherwise she will get it off. She also has a pink nose. I use coppertone Kids Free SPF 80. its waterproof . the first thing she does is try to wash it off in the water trough.
    Can’t whoever is putting your horse out put the sunscreen on? We have a cooperative barn and share chores. whoever is turning out that day puts on the fly mask and the sunscreen or the blankets or the boots etc, etc.

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